GEARS 6(Logo title colors?)Clues that could make it real

The gears 6 omen and number color are shown as ice blue,if this is fake why not use the red omen and number color like gow 4,gears 5,lets say these colors for 6 is real then this could be a clue about gears 6 setting,and since gears 5 has a lot of snowy areas maybe gears 6 will end in the ice and snow.End the end the sirvivors of planet sera will be locked in battle in a icy cold and forever frozen and freezing to death threat while fighting the newest threat to whatever life is still left on sera.1 st locust 2nd swarm 3rd winterfells?

The omen for gears 6 has been shown? What are you talking about? So confused.

I think they’re referring to this Facebook post, which claims there will be ‘news’ about Gears 6 (and other games like Fable IV) at X019. Given that Gears 5 launched in September I think the only news we’ll get about Gears 6 in November will be #fakenews. :wink:


You think it’s a typo? I’m not seeing the post with that link. Thanks for trying though.

Never mind now I see it. This isn’t an official Xbox Facebook page is it? Seems to be a joke.

IMO it’s not a typo it’s just speculation/wishful thinking.

That looks fake af.

Also, announcing a sequel two months after your last game just launched… is wild.

Fake Gears logos are everywhere, like the Gears Redux logo

It’s obviously fake, get a grip people.

With the list of complaints about gears 5 and the people saying there done it make one feel gears 5 is a lost cause so why wouldn’ they move.You can only take so much before you consider just giving up.and in this case i mean TC.Both sides haven’t made things any better for eveything that broke TC can’t fix it without braking something else.The costumer not always right when there 1,000,00+ of them and they all want gears 5 there way,how can TC ever make a group like this satisfied.

Even if TC accept that GOW5 has bombed, it’s extremely unlikely that they will admit to this so publicly even if they do so behind the scenes. It’s far too soon.

Even behind the scenes, they are unlikely to. They have invested far too much into this, and they’re not gonna give up without a fight. For better or worse, GOW5 is their baby and they will continue to invest their time and effort.

Obviously TC will have an eye on the future - i.e.: GOW6, but these are probably just story ideas and there won’t be anything substantial for another 12-18 months.

I don’t want them to give up,but they need to fix what broken and not let the players derail there efforts,I think TC knows there fighting a losing battle with this one,so they should just do what they can to fix things and the gears fans will just have to deal with it,like TC has to deal with them.There been so many complaints about gears 5,it hard to know which are worth caring about and which a just nitpicking.

BT W…I wouldn’t be surprised if GEARS 6 is futher along in devolpment then anyone thinks.

Even so, I doubt TC will be ready or willing to reveal anything at such an early stage. At a guess, I’d say E3 2021 or something before we see/hear anything meaningful.

With the way they did the jd/del thing,i think TC had to know where they where going to take gears 6.

I’m not saying they didn’t. They probably knew where they were going with GOW5 at the end of GOW4. Like I said, there’s a difference between starting development, writing the story, concept art etc, and feeling they are ready to show anything substantial to the public.

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