Gears 6 horde wishlist 2021 update

With 2021 just a week a way I wanted to make a post about Gears 6. Now I know this has been discussed, I’ve seen a lot about horde mode for Gears 6 but the discussions are mostly from 2019 not to long after it released. I’m hoping to get a lot of replies, maybe coalition will take notice lol. I just started back into the Gears series a few months back after many years away from it ( played the original series and Judgement on 360). With that said I’ve always been a HUGE fan of the series and love horde.(I’m not really into PVP it’s just never been my thing as I’m not really interested plus I absolutely suck and will never git good lol.) Anyway, I really liked horde in Gears 4 but some days it’s just impossible to get a game going, and even more impossible to get a good one with people that play their part. I have a blast playing as Scout in 4, and I also like playing engineer with a manned turret build and minimal sentries ( hard when people quit all the time with a build like this.) Both of which you can’t have in Gears 5. What are some things you’d like to see? I’ll list a few off the top of my head please comment!

  1. Less classes that are more well rounded
  2. Similar class to Scout (unless I’m to n00b to realize this already exsists)
  3. Turrets and more defense options to vary up builds
  4. Horde lite return ( I know frenzy is in 5 but it’s not the same)
  5. More varied skills
  6. Better passive abilities ( for instance robots expert and mechanic get cheaper fortification but I feel repair efficiency should also be a built in ability rather than taking a skill card)

That’s off the top of my head. What about you guys and gals?

Hey, welcome back to Gears! I played a lot of Gears 4 Horde too, and was a big Scout fan myself. So I feel like I can reply to some of your questions/suggestions.


1: I don’t think that the classes will ever be consolidated into fewer classes, because of the existence of Ultimate Abilities. However, I am fine with that, because the Ults are each unique and help provide a lot more variety than Gears 4 ever did. And sure, the classes are a bit more specialized and not as well rounded, but there are at least a few different viable builds and ways to play almost every existing class (promotional classes need extra work, though).

2: As a Scout main in Gears 4, I can confidently tell you that there are at least 2 particular classes that can play a bit similar to the Scout class from 4. These are:

(A) Inflitrator.
-This is the Shotgun class for Gears 5, with much more powerful damage output than in 4. It also has similar cards to increase power pickup radius, and also to heal from power pickups, just like the Scout from 4. It doesn’t get extra power during the round like Scout did (good, because that was too meta), although Inflitrator USED to have a passive to get bonus power from close range kills (a better way to balance getting more power and incentivize playing the class correctly, IMO). Lastly it expands upon the limited cloak invisibility cards from 4, and with a stim build can get nearly as tanky as the Scout was while being able to easily replenish the stim with kills for extreme sustainability.

(B) Brawler.
-This class is the CQC tank class in Gears 5, with a bit more focus on special melee abilities and optional fire builds as something new. Brawler is notorious for being the most inherently tanky class in Gears 5, with cards for increased health, faster healing, and damage resistance to melee and extra resistance while sprinting, similar to Scout in Gears 4. This time, in Gears 5 as Brawler, the class has unique melee abilities to help it stand out; tackle enemies after sprinting for a short duration (kinda like shoulder charge or bashes from other games), and a sucker-punch basic melee that does extra damage and briefly stuns or staggers enemies. In addition to all that tankiness, tackle kills INSTANTLY heal and give stim ON TOP of all that, allowing for extreme survivability out on the field.

3: There is at least one map each for Horde and Escape that has manned turrets, although yes, they are under utilized. More fortification options would always be awesome if they could ever add more.

4: I agree, I really miss the 25 wave Horde in Gears 4, this was the original version of Frenzy, and was the best version of Horde IMO. Not too long, not too frantic and short, with longer, condensed waves, and a boss every five waves. I so hope that they bring it back to Gears 5 eventually.

5: Most classes already have a large variety of skills, although new unique ones should never hurt. However, a few classes, specifically the promotional classes, really do absolutely need more cards and buffs bring them up to par with the rest of the classes.

6: I think that most of the passives are pretty great right now, although I do agree that the engineers need something a bit better, especially for use in Escape where there are no fortifications. Also, once again, the promotional classes really need some new stuff.

I hope that this helps you out, glad to reply!

I’m very much an “old skool” Horde player with a love and passion for Epic’s take on Horde, specifically 2 .0 which even to this day is perfect.

That said, TC have done a few good things. Anyway my top wants, which I have been banging on about ever since the reveal of 3.0.

1: Locusts. The return of our beloved antagonists. Now we are on gen 9 (is that right) there is no reason we can not have greater variety of enemies. Chuck them!

2: increased enemy numbers per wave. It is supposed to be a Horde, not a small gathering. See above 're tech advances.

3: Greater variety of weapons and the return of manned turrets.

4: No robots or leeches OR severely reduced numbers.

5: Wave objectives like we had in 2.0 and I think I’m 3.0?

6: Daily/weekly maps with special requirements and mutators, like now.

7: Social interaction were you get poo ups telling you That you have shot more enemy types than a chum, much like on 2.0

That will do for a kick off.

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I’ll never understand the hate for the DeeBees. They have a lot of character and funny quotes, and it is just as satisfying to see them explode as it is to gib other enemies, IMO. Plus, wether people want to admit it or not, robots were always in Gears since day 1. ‘Jack, rip that door!’

I do think that it is perfectly fine to have a Horde variant that removes them, just like Gears 4 did, though.

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Top of my wishlist is removing fortifications from the fabricator for non engineers. It was a cool experiment but it’s obviously not working out. Keep ammo lockers fully buildable and upgradeable and lv 1 barriers for all, if anyone needs to build anything else they need to select engineer class. This will solve the previous problems of horde while avoiding the new set of problems.
Secondary wish is to do something about Grace. According to the skillset she is meant to be played aggressively with a breaker mace, but the breaker mace is much like a Ming vase, expensive and prone to shattering at the first sight of trouble.

I can understand the frustration of Engineers with this. At the same time though, I absolutely love how much this makes it possible to not even NEED an Engineer to get by, even on Master. I like not always having to depend on Engineers, especially for those times where they are incompetent or leave the match. Nowadays the team isn’t entirely screwed when the Engineer quits.

That being said, I don’t know how TC would do it, but I think that a great compromise would be to have fortifications locked to Engineers, but ONLY if there is one in the match. If there isn’t or they leave the match, then the Fabricator would again be open to everyone again. IMO that would be best.

But this really isn’t an issue IMO if you manage to find competent teammates. Yeah, I know. Randoms make that hard, for sure.

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More enemy variety, bring on the classic locust, and the lambent.

Bring back the turrent as a choice of defense in the fabricator.