Gears 6 Horde Class Expectations

Gears 5 did a pretty good job with classes in horde far as serving a purpose. Would you say you’d like to see the main 15 (Assault, Tank and Support) return respectfully or just them start from scratch and bring back a few with a mix of some new ones?

I’d be okay with either or, I love the gears 5 classes and wouldn’t even care if it was all just ported over to 6 with new metas.


All I am saying is, do not bring back the hero class. That was by far the worst idea for Horde.


I think the main thing is for each class to be distinctly different from other classes so there’s minimal overlap and duplication. Also I’d ideally want to have at least two distinct identities per class - two different play styles which are balanced and which allow different approaches.

GOW5 has done at fairly decent job, but for some classes there is really just one playstyle, or the play styles are unbalanced and one is clearly much stronger than the other(s).

Nomad and Gunner for example are excellent examples of classes whose skill cards are very varied allowing for distinctly different approaches to builds. Other classes are less flexible - such as the Marksman or Veteran.


Could not agree more.

I think the best example for one Playstyle being way stronger then the other is Infiltrator.

The Shotgun-Stim-Build is supirior in every Way because of the ridiculous Restriction on Laceration.

If Laceration was like 10-15m People would be able to use the Execution-Build more effectively.


I want to see my combat medic/cog gear return.

Yea infiltrator is a shining example of the one trick pony. Nothing else comes close to Laceration-blood resonance-stim shotgun-stim battery-stim resistance.

The only time that ever changes even a little is in escape where you should swap blood resonance for gnasher damage or overkill stock, depending on which you are intending to use for the hive in question. Without x2 health or bosses, blood resonance is largely unnecessary.

What hive exactly would that be? I very rarely run Chain+CloakDur for a few selected hives, but not once did I drop Blood Resonance for Gnasherdamge(weaker BR if you will) or OVK stock of all cards. There’s maybe 2 Hives where you only get access to the OVK and they’re both hives where you need a ■■■■-load of damage.

@OP I want another unga bunga class that can survive out on the field. Don’t care about any other classes.

It’s all about efficiency. With blood resonance you need to fire that second slug to get the extra damage, because your target isn’t bleeding yet. With gnasher damage, that initial slug will put a drone down no problem, no reason to fire twice with a lot of damage and an extra slug going to waste. Also the gnasher damage is nice for making it pop juvies in one slug from significantly further away.

For heavier units like scions, pouncers, and DBs it is a wash either way- 2 slugs from the gnasher damage is roughly equal to 2 slugs with the second being blood resonance. By the 3rd slug blood resonance takes over damage wise, but by then the target is already dead.

I agree that OVK stock might just be bad. Blood resonance is probably better. It does make the OK much more comfortable to shoot
though I gotta say.

A Drone blasted point blank in the face with a Gnasher will just die from the bleed without execution rules, and if it’s an Elite you are normally going to shoot it twice anyway.

Overall Blood Resonance by itself is superior because it makes the bigger impact on tougher enemies.

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Just to clarify: by Hero Class, do you mean locking classes to specific characters, or the concept of classes in general?

I personally really love all of the different classes and how they interact with each other in really distinct ways. I honestly really love where we have arrived at in Gears 5 but I am in agreement with others listed for creating two distinct play-styles for each class.

Again, I want the System of Gears 6 to be a Clear Position on Every Class. I mean you can always have Meta Build, but is it Possible for all Classes to Have Underrated Non-Meta Play Style Build.

A Debuff & Buff System should be newly added in Gears 6. I mean there’s only Tactician to have a Damage Buff Card on other Teammates, which is unique, but would be nice to have another Class to have similar Damage Buff Card.

To the Debuff System,

  • Slowing Down Enemy

  • Slowing Their Attack Speed

  • Decrease their Base Damage

  • Decrease Their Accuracy

  • Decrease Their Melee Damage

  • Decrease Their Ammo Capacity, which they need to reload frequently

are the Options for Debuff System.

To the Buff System, I think Combat Medic should be given a MvP to the Start of introducing the Buff System on how it works when fighting the Enemies with Helpful Headshot, Ultimate & Intervention. I think there’re some interesting Content when Buffing the Teammates in Several Conditions:

  • Increase 40% Ammo Capacity to All Teammates within 10 Metres

  • Increase 50% Max Health to All Teammates within 10 Metres

  • Increase Movement & Damage Resistence & Damage for 30% to One Teammate, but takes 30% Total Damage itself, once the Soul Linker goes Down, the Buff becomes invalid it’s somehow an Ultimate which is like Soul Linker

  • Giving 25% Ammo Regen to All Teammates within 10 Metres ( Cannot be Stacked)

  • Decrease Fortification for 30% Max Health, but Increase the Resistance of Barriers by 50% within 20 Metres

The Current GoW 5 Horde is Good in Class, but mostly the Assault Classes are too way Strong that definitely should Nerf to the Direction of Their Weaknesses. The Base Enemies HP should be increased 2x because it’s too easy to Kill for Assault Classes. I think Horde Playing shouldn’t be Mindless Playing like Infiltrator, Marksman or Blademaster whatever dominate Every Time they currently can. It should be included a Smart, Creative & also Challenging to have some Situational Decision to make with that lead the Game to the Success.

And Again, it’s Should Be a Gap for Elite Players, Master Players, Advanced Players, Beginner Players to separate the Lobby. Don’t want to Argue if Everyone is a “Dark Soul Players”, but I hope there shouldn’t be a Huge Complain when players argue for Noobs or etc. A clear, precise system to identify everyone’s Ability in the PvE System would be Welcomed.

General Player Base isn’t really Skillful to say in PvE, so I would like to have Options for whether it’s a “Casual Lobby”, “Speedrun Lobby”, “Competitive Lobby” or “Creative Lobby” to choose.

Oh yes, make everything even more spongy and mindless to kill.

Terrible idea. It will not make the assault classes that are literally supposed to be enemy killers any more worthless, it will just make the less damage oriented classes worse. What’s next, a tank isn’t supposed to tank the damage dealt by enemies?

So players are not supposed to be skillful, making classes work because they are good at the game? Seriously, if you want something mindless to play as an example, use an explosives Tactician or a Demo, not the classes that need either good aim or good situational awareness and where to pick fights and where not to while out on the map.

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I hope you really Understand what current makes PvE worse.

Nothing want to Argue with You, Thanks.

I have played it for well over a year, most of it on medium to high difficulty settings. I think I would know what is bad and good about it, the fact that a good player can do well with a high skill gap class isn’t one of the bad things. And the bullet sponge enemies WAS in the first few Operations, it isn’t now.

And I think you should expect people to agree or disagree with your viewpoints on a forum.

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I don’t think those classes are mindless at all. Just taking those 3 classes you mention, they’re played in different ways in themselves and emphasise different player attributes.

Marksman for example, is much more stationary and relies on more precise accuracy, hitting active reloads, and being able to track and hit moving targets (ideally). The Infiltrator and Blademaster are much more mobile, and require periphiral vision and awareness of surroundings. Blademaster also requires a degree of timing (slashing Juvies as they lunge at you for example). I wouldn’t say it’s mindless at all. There’s a reasonable amount of quick decision making involved.

I was playing with a friend of a friend recently who played the Demolitions class really badly, and even the Demolitions which is often seen as “baby’s first PVE class” involves some player attributes which I (and probably other people) take for granted. Namely awareness of the battlefield in order to actively mark targets; mark appropriate targets (e.g.: spread your marks out so the splash damage maximises the overall damage done - I mean, what’s the point in marking 3 enemies who are right next to each other when the first volley of rockets will kill them all anyway?) and prioritising threats.

I think after you’ve hit rock bottom and played with extremely bad players, you’ll appreciate the little things that make a good player, and how the easier classes are played well. Like I said, I took alot of this for granted! But that said, some of these player attributes are transferable across different classes. :smiley:

It isn’t a Bad Thing, but when the system allow Duplicated of those Classes, thats the Problem.

This is what I’m Questioning and Wondering if I’m misunderstand for My Words?

Your Reply always be informative to discuss with, but I just want to say the Meta Card of Those 3 Classes are easy to dominate with. I mean CQC classes always be High Skill Level to play with unlike Marksman…well…the Longshot Build, which I hardly agree it’s a High Level Skill Class. Gears Series isn’t a really Difficult Game to understand the Knowledge & Mechaince, just mostly I think because of the Game Pass that many Newbies join Gears 5 in Op 5 and makes the Situation Worse.

Another Word to say, if people can’t find an Easy Way to play Gears Series for a Long Time, they don’t seem Logical to play another Game, so what I assume Players can able to perform normally like Forum Members, I don’t really think Forum Members are Superman because they’re well-experienced, once the Newbies are well-experienced, I’m sure they can equal to the Forum Members.

Mostly, it’s about some Suggestions of the Direction in change of GOW 6 Horde, which may bring the Developers some Insights about it, so the Suggested Change I mentioned above might seem ridiculous I know, but what I assume is that Things should be Well-Balanced. What about Class Ultimate with 6 Cards Slot that can bring every Class Unique Cards? The more Class you have, the Hybrid Build you can Build for.

As I mentioned, to deliver the Gap between Players, which I don’t want to say the Word “Good” or “Bad” players, because it’s too subjective to people saying you’re Good or you’re Bad. is to add a System similar to Rank System in PvP, that can identify which Level you’re & your Weaknesses & Strength.

I don’t play really much in GoW 5, but 1528 hours on steam,which I’m not sure if I’m qualified to Judge Players, but things need to say is that Players especially Newbies can Start Their Difficulty on Elite below rather than jumping to a Master Difficulty that letting people want to Kick you instantly.

To explain more why I think those 3 Classes I mentioned for examples only are simply mindless because it’s too Strong I personally think. I’m not going to praise myself a Master player, but at least an Elite player. I find it’s too easy to Smash Enemies to those classes and I nearly get MvP most of the Wave. Well said if I play the Class correctly & function well, but what about others just playing passively and wait for the win because they cannot do Things. They cannot do Things because I already Killed all enemies?I do care for other players themselves whether if they find interested in playing their Role or if they find bored because someone dominate everything.

It seems, to me, a Problem to High Level of what Co-op Game should be. I want the players finding the Game for Fun instead of me personally finding the Game for Fun. However, somehow it just broke my aim of Playing GoW 5 before.

You have an issue with the fact that people have the freedom of duplicating classes and that someone, or two, or more players, with a lot of skill can use a high skill class to make a Horde match look easy(Infiltrator and Blademaster in particular). This is not grounds to nerf a class nor make the enemies super spongy which people hated and is going to make the less damaging classes be less good. That’s literally how games work. You give someone who can handle it something with a lot of risk but with high reward, or have people using synergies, they can make the “difficult” content look easy, but it’s very far from mindless especially with a CQC class.

My point here is you’re claiming playing an Infiltrator or Blademaster is a mindless/braindead activity but there’s a lot of thinking, reflexive acting and situational awareness going into it. More so with a Blademaster in my experience.

That’s how GoW 6 would be improved by many Problems, I mean some classes definitely are not very suitable to play in Horde, so Class System may be Changed.

The CQC class, well, I mean players choosing to play CQC Class should really know what they’re Going to Do before they choose it, so I assume those players have Multi experienced with them. I still agree my opinion for Assault Class being too Strong, but may not be mindless as well.

Wouldn’t surprise me if they keep the Assault, Tank and Support format, they’ll probably integrate the Promos into them too in some capacity. Hoping for more build variants with every class, as some people stated, that way there’s always a different way to play and it’ll make duplicate classes more welcoming in games.

I can not tell if you are serious, or just being sarcastic. Please tell me which.