Gears 6 go to 4 player coop or 3 with Jack or human?

I personally would love to go back to 4 player coop. There’s 4 people in the the squad the majority of the time so why not make the other 2 playable. I know its hard to find 3 other people to play with but its so much fun when you got full group to play and your communicating and saving each other. I guess thats what horde is for but the campaigns are a lot more fun in my opinion.


I’m sure the squad will consist of JD, Kait, Fahz, and Marcus. Jack will be an option for 4th player if you wanna play as him.

If not Marcus maybe we will get a new person but as of now I think that would be the squad.

Did Coalition ever say why this decision was made? Xbox performace?

My best gaming experience ever is Gears 3 campaign, same 4 of us (from Eurogamer) on insane over multiple weekends. I will always treasure it. We did the same for J.

I would love 6 go back to 4 player, not too sure it is likely to happen though.

Never do a Jack style character again. It is fine if you play Solo or Duos but getting someone to play Jack for the entire campaign is a bad idea.

If I was to pick a Squad it would be Kait, Del and Fahz, I would give them personal loadouts as well so Kait favours Shotguns, Del Assault rifles and Fahz the Marksmen. You can obviously just pick up other weapons like normal.
I would also have the campaign be like Hivebusters where you choose who to play as.

Edit: Gears 3 did something like this so as an example Clayton spawned with the Torque bow and Sam the Longshot.

Jack should get a DeeBee Shepard body upgrade. Like Legion in Mass Effect 2 and 3. He’s practically human in 5 anyway. He CHOSE to sacrifice himself. He deserves to gain a true form.

"Creator Baird, does this absolute madlad have a soul?

“You’re damn right, you do, my son.”

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Tactics customization but with traditional Gears gameplay.

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You one of those filthy Legion stans?
I need to get round to playing the Remaster at some point but Gears 5 is taking all my gaming time.

I would be fine with a Deebee (Jack) but they would have increase the movement speed or give him a benefit so high HP or Damage Resistance.

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You know it

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I usually bring peace between the two races. Showcasing my superior diplomacy skills then I do the destroy ending :wink: