Gears 6 (**Gears 5 Campaign Spoilers**)

Playing Gears 5 Campaign was very enjoyable. They had Open World elements in Campaign. The atmosphere felt fresh, being able to roam around and do things. I was very happy with this story until we had to make a choice. Now how are we supposed to know what comes next? 2 scenarios endings was a twist. So what would happen if Kait chose JD instead of Del? Who is the future of the franchise non other than The Legendary Marcus Fenix son “James Dominic Fenix” named after his brother Dom. I can see there being more development for his character eventually, now that The Swarm Villian is known. I can see Gears stretch 2 more games before they kill Swarm Queen aka Reyna. they just introduced her into the game and would be too quick to finish off imo. We need more development for Reyna and JD. Maybe another Swarm Villian will be introduced or bring Swarm General Raam back into the mix. Maybe Swarm Skorge would be badass to see. I can’t wait until Gears 6 comes out, the story possibilities have me puzzled but thinking about it. What do y’all think could happen?


Kait has a very big connection to the Swarm if the story is anything to go by. Grandmother was the queen of the locust. Mother the queen of the Swarm. Will she follow in the same footsteps?
Del in IMO will die and JD will go on with Kait to destroy the new Queen.

Or Kait will became the Queen and JD will be the King. :gift_heart:

That would be a good twist.

I seriously doubt Kait’s gonna be heading over and make friends with the Swarm… not willingly, anyway. There’s also a strong chance whatever’s left of Myrrah(or her mind, rather) wouldn’t leave Kait much if any free will.

Side note : I could see Kait and Mac getting along for reasons that should be obvious if you’ve read the Hivebuster comics.

No haven’t had the chance to read them. Coming out in Australia next month so will get it. Kinda looking forward to it.

No. No, no. I need to intervene.

Queen Myrrah is the true Queen of both the Locust and the Swarm. Reyna is dead, Myrrah transferred her consciousness and is simply using her body as host.


I wasn’t a big fan of the story.

But I’m glad someone gets why JD should be lead.

It only makes perfect sense for me for that to happen.

He’s the legacy of delta squad.


JD needs to stay and i very much liked the campaign EXCEPT for the open world stuff.


Ok my bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Reading this comment made me realize how true you put in the details

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