Gears 6 Fate of Protagonists Campaign (Poll)

Gears 6 who will be saved? Poll (Edit: Poll Closed, 673 votes)

Save JD - 447 votes
Save Del - 96 votes
Carmine Must Die - 130 votes

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I hope they are both dead. Fahz too.

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Ideally we could have the one we picked to save feature in the tutorial section only and be killed off at the end of that.

That way it doesn’t have to have an entire campaign revolve around the decision in 5.


Or close it off in other media before Gears 6. Trash as they are, I lap up the books. (Get Karen Traviss back please TC!!)


Del has to go. If JD dies that means Anya literally died giving birth to him for no reason and that will be two good character thrown away especially one that has been around since Gears one. Del’s gotta go

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Telltale’s The Walking dead pulled a stunt like that. At the end of season 2 (I think it was season 2) you could either save or let a fan favorite character die. So a lot of people chose to save him. He then proceeds to die almost immediately at the beginning of season 3.

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This has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

This is like me telling your mum not to have children because at some point, you will eventually die (and so will your mum) so therefore everything is pointless.



Oy, leave my man outta there.

He’s out of line, but he’s right

What do you mean? If not for Batista and the New Day, Fahz would easily be the most annoying character.

I was just quoting the rush hour meme

Ok. Sorry, I’m old.

I understand. I have trouble keeping up with meme culture too. All these freakin zoomers


No your comment is the most pointless. Anya was the first female Character in Gears, so it does matter. Del has to go. Can’t believe I just read such an irrelevant comment wow.

This has nothing to do with Pepper’s actual point. Anya woulda still died.

Honestly I think Del is more… satisfying. Marcus’ story has really just been him losing close ones on the path of peace. Now that there’s no more peace, he starts to lose it all again. Del is closer to Kait (at least by the end of Gears 5). I think if it were portrayed better in Act 2/3… especially if we got another Act 4 that made JD’s “redemption” more earned, his “death” coulda been a real heroic sacrifice. But we didn’t get that game.

I personally think JD will go just because it felt like the emotional beats from JD hugging Marcus, when he gets mad at the Swarm (kinda like Dom in G2) and when Fahz sees Del’s death, leads me to believe that’s the one they’re sticking with, idk why they made it a choice. I think Del dying also serves JD’s redemption too, just that it starts now rather than in the beginning of Act 3. Kind of like when Marcus loses Carlos, he’s at that point where he should realise this war is gonna take people away from him.

A good argument could be made for both. But that it “wastes” Anya is a bad excuse when she was wasted from the start of G4. Honestly I feel like she only passed because it makes tension between JD and Marcus to be more viable, no shoulder on each of their heads to lean on.

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This was literally what you said:

I italicised the key bit. This was your reasoning as to why JD has to live.

Can you see why, from even a story-writing angle, why this makes no sense? People are born, they live and they die, as a matter of course. It’s inevitable. JD will have lived for 20-something years at the point he may die (depending on GOW6). It’s not some sort of grand-plan situation where Del sacrifices himself so that Anya can live to give birth to JD to fulfil a prophecy or something.

Also from a story-writing angle, there are lots of ways for characters to be motivated in a way which drives the story. The death of another is one of them; and in this case, the characters to be motivated (affected) by JD’s potential death, would be Marcus, Kait (and Del as if JD dies then Del lives).

If you want JD to survive and Del to die, fine. But this is a ridiculous and frankly, stupid reason.

What does this have to do with anything? Does being the first female character in GOW (I presume you mean the first on-screen female character, as opposed to the first ever female like the Bible’s Eve?) make you immortal? It isn’t even a thing in story-writing cliches for this to give them plot-armour. As I said, people sometimes die. Including characters.

Del is not closer to Kait. JD and Kait are or did you not see jd and Kait hug at the end of 4??? Idk where you think del and kait are closer but you need to reply the campaigns lol

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