Gears 6 DLC Thoughts

We know that gears 5 is not the only and last game so there is much more to come however, the untold myth of the carmine brother the fourth was not gary carmine i propose they should make a comeback on gears 6 in efforts and hopes they add a dlc pack the carmines story pack that actually shows the carmine brothers on a mission and also introduces the fourth carmine brother Clays older brother and alive to make an appearance in gears 6. I really do hope they do not kill off any more carmines because definately the character shows potential in the story and also a purpose of revenge in avenging his brothers and now family.

Hot Take that I know a few people will not like : the Carmines have never been interesting. We know literally nothing about any of them except they are known to have extremely bad luck. Thats it.


yeah well aparantly they kept clayton so that means that right there and why they have bad luck would actually shed some insight on their back story because they still need to introduce the last brother all the other stuff is just boring like marcus fenix and his side of the story they did one on baird and cole why not carmine<?


Clayton survived because of a community event with avatar item purchases dictating whether or not he survived.

It would be cool if they made any kind of media for the Carmines for some backstory like comics, a book, side story campaign or something. I was just saying they have never been interesting to me because no one knows anything about them.


I know the Carmines are fan favorite characters, but I personally never found them interesting honestly.
I also think that the joke of killing one every game is kind of lame at this point.
I would have much preferred for Gary and Lizzy to survive.

Lately I have had the desire that, hopefully the fourth carmine brother is actually a sister, I noticed that, at least in the collective consciousness of the community (obviously not all of them, also it’s not like one spends hours imagining what the fourth carmine will be like carmine), they imagine the fourth carmine brother as a Clayton 2, someone rude, aggressive, Clayton basically, and I would like that if they show a fourth brother, it would be more original and have more personality than a Clayton 2, in itself Anthony and Benjamin they are somewhat similar in personality, in the sense that they are a bit “goofy”, with Anthony being a bit more serious, a fan of history and war heroes, and a bit VERY absent-minded, and Benjamin being a complete rookie , more innocent and with pyromaniac tendencies, also thanks to Lizzie I saw that a carmine girl is as cool as a boy or even more than some like Anthony or Gary (not that I doubted it before, just that I never considered a “what would a carmine woman”), I don’t expect I’d rather be a complete clone of Lizzie, I’d just like someone charismatic, although it would be great to have the fourth brother as a girl

Also, although many say that Benjamin said that he had 4 brothers in the context of 4 boys, I always thought that was a generalization, as dom asked: “you got a brother was a gear?” and Benjamin answered “yeah, all four of us, well, three now” without explicitly talking about gender or specifying it with “brother or sister” (Dom said brother because he only knew Anthony) so I don’t rule out the possibility that it could be a girl , although well, it’s not that I’m going to cry if it turns out to be a man or not, it’s very irrelevant, it’s just one of those thoughts that you get, something like “hey wouldn’t it be great if this turns out to be this?”

I think the same.

Lizzie (in MP) talks about her mom. At least for me it’s a small clue for who of her parents is the famous 4th Carmine Brother/Sister

Edit: Forgot to put my wishlist for DLC: (Like Gears 3 DLC, they are in the past)

Some missions with Clay and Lizzie.
The life of Clay on Gears 1 and 2
Queen Myrrah.

And more about Lizzie in future comics, she had a lot of potential

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I mean the carmines are an important piece to gears but I don’t think it’s because of their character. The two younger carmines are supposed to show the player the brutality of war and how it eats up young soldiers (read the notes when you pick up their helmets in G5) as for clayton, he was an actual character as far as gears of wars secondary characters go

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I agree that Lizzie Carmine has never been interesting. What says you, @AmicableWall421 ?


Special cameos from other industries like the Undertaker or Rey Mysterio 619’ing Queen Reyna.

I mainly said it to see if amicable would say something to me about it lol everyone knows about his fixation with Lizzie

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They are never going to do anything with the Carmines. I pretty much expect them to continue what they’ve always done, continue on a burnt out tradition that makes them look like they’ve done their gears hw.

Doesnt make me love the carmines any less but it’s still unfortunate that they are confined to that state.

I’ll forgive TC if they bring back sad dom in gears 6.

Well, clearly, the bait didn’t work. It caught @Great_Defensor, though.

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Its easy to bait defensor

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The Carmines suck. The main problem I have with Gears is not enough of them are dying fast enough. “Lizzy” is the most painful, Clueless-level Valley Girl I’ve ever seen put into a video game. Every time I have one in my lobby I wish friendly fire could be turned on and I could chainsaw her into pieces.

Really? How easy?

I tell him random stuff and he believes me lol

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