Gears 5's Tour of Duty is actually better than Halo Infinite's Battle Pass

In Halo Infinite, you have to pay 10 dollars(buy the Battle Pass) to unlock the 4th slot for objective.
And lots of the daily objectives are grindy as hell while they only offer very little EXP.
And the Battle Pass has 100 levels and a new one will only come out after 6 months.
And there’s almost no free customization items.
And the store items are ridiculously expensive.

I know Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is free. But this is just Gears 5 Operation 1 all over again…
I doubt this unrewarding system will retain an active playerbase.

Ok ok, isn’t the Infinite Multi still a beta as of now?

And the full game releases in December?

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Actually it is the Campaign that will be released as DLC in December.
The multiplayer has technically been released despite the fact that it’s labeled “beta”.

Well ok. Then I cant say anything to defend Infinite then lol.

It is cheeks, I hate that I can’t change my spartan visor to a different color other than green. I haven’t purchased anything yet but I definitely am going to invest in it.

Halo Infinite’s ranked is astounding as well:
It seems that only K/D matters.
The match will start with 3 VS 4(1 player disconnected while loading) instead of ending the match.
No option to rejoin the match after disconnection.
The only rewards are stickers that can only be used on the weapons.

I haven’t touched ranked yet, I’m still working out the kinks so I’ve been sticking to BTB for now.

I do plan on playing ranked eventually but from what you say, it doesnt sound too good rn.

The tour in Gears is actually one of the best “battle pass systems” in any game. Its completely free, it doesn’t take forever to complete it, it’s full of stuff people would actually want besides like bloodsprays or silly emotes, and every tour had $5 worth of iron and a General skin that is exclusive to those who completed it.


Not to mention that every Tour of Duty since Operation 4 also offers plenty of Gears Coins which are worth more than $80 of Iron.

343i: None of our business. We are not good at learning from other’s mistakes. Halo Infinite multiplayer is free to play, so we must earn the money back by locking every good skin behind paywall and put $10+ price tags on them.


I like the gameplay of halo infinite alot but armor cosmetics aren’t really a concern of mine. Buying cosmetics for your character in a first person game was always silly to me because you can’t even see the thing you bought, only other people can lol

I’m basically just playing the game for fun. Rushing for BRs and Snipers every chance I get lol


Very true, and I know that it’s a F2P game. But it shouldn’t be so strict on cosmetics as it is.

But at least the game itself is fun.

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343i is just greedy, as was TC at Gears 5’s launch.
They even have the balls to sell 2 blueish camos(for Warthog and Mongoose) for $15.

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Chad 343

The game is super fun but the netcode needs to be worked on a little, imo. Whats happening on my screen can’t be whats happening on the dude I’m fighting. I’ll be completely around a corner, and still take damage even though there’s absolutely no way the guy can still see me.


They already adjusted Halo because of these problems… It only took TC 14 months to change theirs lol…

The only adjusted a little.:wink:
Store items: still expensive as hell, worse than Halo 5’s requisition packs
Battle Pass; plenty of filler items
Season 1: 6 months long and lack in content

343i is very likely to dripfeed free content and you praise them just because they made a small adjustment?

Tour of Duty was improved in Operation 3. It seems that you forgot LOL…
And Gears 5 store overhaul was implemented in Operation 4.

Lol, keep flattering TC hanging on Hope that 6 will be a decent game

Lol, keep flattering the 343i even if they did something worse than TC did.
:sweat_smile: :-1:

That Reddit post is misleading, because you do get more than a colour change.

Plus, how do you know the BP only comes round every 6 months? Are you referring to the in-game calendar? Wasn’t it already confirmed that it was a quarterly thing in a developer blog?

I do expect 343 to make it quicker to get the BP completed, and have already made some changes. Apex Legends had a rough first BP in their first season, and they still get a good population today.

The customisation items are expensive, but lets be real, what did you expect? Its a F2P Halo game, MS are going to milk every last penny out of the microtransactions.

A good game will always keep people playing. Apex Legends has an unrewarding system, and that still gets a good population. Funnily enough they also charge a similar price for a character skin.

So here’s what I want to know :

Are these “battle passes” timed or available permanently like they did in the MCC? I’m unlikely to play Infinite soon(read : next few months or for the next year or so), but if I ever get into its MP, that might be interesting to know. Assuming I even care for the cosmetic appearances there, which isn’t likely seeing as I won’t look at them 90% of the time.

They are available permanently.