Gears 5's Most annoying issues in every Versus Multiplayer match

The trade window is what people are referring to when they talk about the servers. Lag is expected, But what your talking about does happen countless amounts of times.

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I don’t have any issues hearing footsteps, location and direction. However that changes with tunnel vision/hearing though, when I’m focused on what’s in front of me and my nervous system doesn’t attenuate to other stimuli including footstep audio of the guy creeping up behind me.

Are you pc by chance? I only know of one other player that has this issue on Pc. I’m on series x with Dolby + plugged into my controller bad no issues

Xbox One S. And sounds location of footstep is not a problem alone, as Torque Bow Arrow stuck sound also comes out of other side of the map (very frequently i hear that on Harbour when shooting guys at dropshot spawn, i hear stuck sound behind the horn lever).

I got similar problem with bloodsplatters when players are shooting each other. I got situation on checkout, After second I spawned, the cover near spawn started to bleed, none player was near this cover as all remaining players were on sniper spawn fightning for position.

I think this sound problem comes out of bad sound location replication issue.

Also I have elite 2 controller with headphones plugged in. In other games i have none of those issues.

boom, spot on!

Operation 2 had the most trades i think

The torque bow noise is "normal":thinking: its been like that since launch, its pretty confusing though when im the one using it and it sounds like my shots are hitting miles from where im aiming.

Also the blood splatter coming from nowhere is something i see often, no idea what causes this. I no hit detection is bad but not that bad.!AhAXlTdP_i3WiQLlLSc1QC7Vq0G9

Bleeding cover box, skip to 12 seconds.


Maybe it’s because I play with a 9.2 surround sound but I do hear the foot steps also you should always b aware of your flank.

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I’m on PC and the directional audio is a mess even with Dolby Atmos. I’ll hear an enemy as if they’re behind me but they’re across the map. Other times I’ll hear nothing and they’re right on top of me.

There are times it works fine but it varies on encounter. I have different experiences within the same match even.

It’s inconsistent.

I see that a lot too, no idea what it is