Gears 5's DLC better NOT be like Gears 4's

I think it was the right call in the original.

At least it looked a lot better in UE :+1:

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Actually i cant be bothered.

We both love Gears so that is all that really matters.

I’m relaxed AF - your post was devoid of any humour and more like an attack so I just wanted to clarify. Chill your beans.

lol, I said this so many times before as well. season pass was an insult to the buyers. vast majority of the maps were recycled, and even then, they were free for public play anyway…

having a community driven vote on maps would go a long way to avoid getting trash like Rustlung. I realize it takes months to make/test maps but lets do the votes before the game launches.


oH BOy! CAnT WaiT FOR OVeRpasS REMAsteRed rEEeeEeEEeEe

But for real wouldn’t mind seeing azura make a come back, and day one. Those maps weren’t bad.


And what if it is? Your still going to buy the game

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Since it will be on Gamepass, I think a lot of people won’t buy the season pass without something besides skins.

Day One was terrible bruh

It was a cut because Epic said they felt like the game spent too much time underground and it ruined the flow.

*i loved day one

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Although I don’t mind past maps returning however I thought it was a dumb idea to make alternate versions of existing maps like forge and reclaimed etc.

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There are plenty of people who don’t care much about PVP or only play it once and move on or they play something else entirely different.

True but it’s the MP aspect that most people are interested in and is what generates the money for TC.

The ones that only care about Campaign will be few in numbers as although it’s a good story, I doubt people will be willing to pay so much just for that story.

You look at at masterpieces like Uncharted, The Last it Us & God of War and they are all on a completely different level.

Hindsight is a great thing and TC acknowledged (I think) they were over ambitious with the 2 maps per month, hence the remixing of a few.
As for the dlc it was very poor and not “traditional post release content” I do not defend them BUT I will say we all knew what we were getting.
I bought the Ultimate edition as I wanted it on the 7th Oct, so I could play the story (I’m a big lore lover) in one sitting which I did, starting at midnight and not have anything spoiled for me, !
I think Gears 5 will be a step up in everything including dlc and I would hope/expect to get some post release story, even if it is more like Gears 2 than 3.
What I do know is I will be buying the Ultimate edition…a lot of us (you?) will also.


I was speaking in general also campaigns in Gears isn’t the only form of offline single player.

Offline Single player won’t be something many people do tbh - there’s far better alternatives.

Im speaking for Gears in general - hence why I said there are better alternatives.

I also mentioned hugely successful single player games previously.

Strange how you jump to conclusions when you misread or misunderstood something.

Umm I clearly said IF you were, was I not speaking English?

Yeah, and that’s why I clarified for you :confused:

And let me expand upon this part:

Again, you jump to conclusions - I’ve already accepted there will be some number of people who will buy Gears of War 4 and complete the campaign and then never touch ANY online portion of the game.

How many will do this for Gears 4 though?

I said not many when there are far better experiences to be had on a standalone title.

You seem to be misunderstanding, making up statements based on that and then also assuming I have considered all options or any other point of view - ignoring all points I’ve already said before.

At this point - I’ve made my points clear - MP will always be a big priority for Gears because that’s where the player stay and that’s where the money is. TC doesn’t make the games for anything other than to provide a game that can generate money and Gears is built upon a solid Horde / MP for online play.

Have a good evening :+1: