Gears 5's DLC better NOT be like Gears 4's

Holy hell why was gears 4’s DLC so crap? way too many remakes and remixes compared too original maps. Out of 24 post launch maps 4!!! were brand new. WTF…


We are all hoping they do a lot better. As for dlc, we want campaign dlc


did gears 4 even have any ‘DLC’?

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Yeah, the maps and skins …

Nothing like the previous gears games. These just felt like updates and not a choice to download. They were pretty much a part of the game.

I don’t like the idea of DLC as the previous gears games. Maybe some extra skin packs but having to buy additional content for a game has never appealed to me. I barely bought Gears 3 season pass … It was split between non-dlc (hosted) and DLC(servers). Dumbest thing ever…

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I’m just saying, we did get DLC.

I admit, not high quality save for Dawn as a good map.

Make no mistake, with the missteps that we now call the Gears 4 season pass, the pass for Gears 5 will be appealing. Especially with the game being on Gamepass from the start. I expect exclusive skins and campaign content. Extra campaign is the only sure fire way to bring in sales from those that swore off buying it.


Exactly. Let’s see… Gears 2, Road to Ruin. Gears 3, RAAM’s Shadow. Gears 4…eh…Wrestler Oscar? Reclaimed Windflare?



I get your point, it was not traditional dlc of course.

Morning mate, indeed
Can actually go even better…we got the “missing” PC section included in UE and Aftermath on J. Both excellent additions albeit not post release content.

I will be amazed if we do not get “proper dlc” this time round.

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Campaign DLC.
No more reskin maps.
New maps and skins behind “theme packs” like Snowblind and Fenix Rising.
Better split for actual new maps.
The ability to choose any Horde variant (i.e. get rid of the time-limited stuff).

Beast mode.

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Campaign DLC is a must.
New maps and they can bring back a few older ones
Horde needs to have way more enemies.


Yes! Campaign DLC! Definitely

Tbh, I only like Campaign DLC if it’s of a certain quality.

Road to ruin was good however I felt RAAMs shadow was a bit average and didn’t feel fleshed out enough.

Compare that with some other games where the DLC is just as good as the main game.

Once I’m done with the Campaign - I’d much rather they focus on MP.

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Oh good, as long as you are happy then the rest of us can GTF :slight_smile:

Road to Ruin was something cut from the original release. I don’t remember the exact details as to why. But in any case, they didn’t have to add it, and it was good to play it.

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I just expressed my own opinion, not dismissing anyone else’s, I’m sure there would be people who might only care about Campaign or only about Horde. Also I didn’t dismiss it entirely, I don’t know if you read the part where said if it’s done well then fair enough but once I’ve played Campaign that it’s, it should be complete unless it can offer a substantial effort in the form of DLC. Otherwise, MP should be a priority.

If that’s how you feel then say so, I’m obviously going to express my own point of view in my post and not going to always put in a disclaimer that I understand other people will want something else …

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Yeah, it was cut for a reason, I think because of the way it flowed or was in that part of the campaign - similar to how in Gears 1 they cut out the Brumak segment and added into the PC version / UE version.


After having played the original gears campaign several times, the flow did feel off playing the brumak part in UE. Though if it had been there from the start, might not have felt that way.

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