Gears 5's Aim assist annoying as hell

So i’ve played around 1,5-2 hrs of arcade since i couldnt get into ranked… but i heard the same applies to all modes except comp.

I hope i’m not the only one who is extremely bothered by this “aim assist” in the tech test, which slows down the reticle movement when aiming at enemies as far as i noticed.

This is the most painful during sniping (I played mostly the sniper class to check this). Since i play on the highest sensitivity with small deadzones it’s very noticeable and it feels like my reticle movement freezes when i aim near someone which makes it 10x more difficult and slow to score headshots.

Imagine that your reticle moves with a certain speed and when you finally got someone close in your sight it suddenly slows down and sticks to the target’s aura just to confuse you…
In longer distances where this “assist” is not turning on i have no problem taking out people with longshot.

I dont mind it if others have this “assist” but i beg someone to let me turn it off or i’ll go crazy.

Ps.:They said all gears games had aim assist like this so i went back to 4’s pvp to check if i’m just imagining but no, it’s just too obvious. This doesn’t feel smooth at all.


Yeah. I noticed that almost immediately. I wish they’d just remove it entirely. I don’t need someone holding my hand just because some PC elites thinks console players can’t aim.

It makes the game clunky as hell. And no. They weren’t lying about it being in older games, but gears 5 has it turned up to 11 with the new crosshairs and gameplay. probably due to crossplay between windows and xbox.

my brothers and I play games on max sensitivity and we can typically see frame drops pretty well. though, i’m getting older so this is less true for me as my eyes are starting to glaze over. This game drops in frames when you aim close range against a roadie runner or someone wall bouncing - which i wish they’d just remove wall bouncing entirely. it’s been in the game since gears 1 and honestly looks dumb.

There are other instances too, but that’s what i’ve noticed mostly. Pretty sure it’s the transition between the 3 different sensitivities on top of the auto aim causing some sort of bug. hopefully it’s not intended.


Thank god im not the only one who noticed:D
I hope they will either fix this or just let me turn it off manually as it is in competitive, but for now i can’t imagine playing this and not being frustrated.

In the dev stream they said they want to put way more emphasis on accuracy in this game which is exactly what this autoaim makes nearly impossible…

As for the wallbounce, they really toned it down even though i had no problem with hyperbounce and all that, it was all looks but no real use imo. This slower paced gears is what i prefer since it gives place for more tactics, unless you are unable to aim correctly due to some computer messing with your crosshair of course

I have not experienced no automatic sim in Arcade mode. If you’re standing out in the open it’s in easy shot. You can’t just weave yuh our way through opponents and expect not to get downed, or have your head knocked off.

Plus you can deactivate it I’m pretty sure.

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I searched everywhere but couldnt find anything related to it, i guess since they look at this like some basic mechanic that has been in the game since the beginning, the problem is that its tuned up to 500%
But if you can find it where to turn it off then let me know:D

@ISEEEVILL Man im not talking about having a problem with dying, its a whole different thing irrelevant to my point.

The problem is that the autoaim makes the reticle controls more difficult to use since it slows down my aim and sticks to the targets like in gta or something.

In escalation since its a competitive mode i don’t have this problem, my aim is as it was in gears 4 (Tested it to be sure)

Agree completely. This coupled with the added recoil makes it extremely painful. It actually makes you aim worse at most times lol. Makes the game feel stiff when it otherwise shouldn’t feel that way.

Less confident that my bullets won’t end up going behind the enemy because I’m trying to track them with a sensitivity that just changes erratically.

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I actually turn off aim assist in games that allow it and I can aim just fine, even with pinpoint style weapons. It always messes me up, either by slowing my crosshair when I don’t want, pulling my crosshair away from where I’m actually trying to aim, or moving my crosshair for me and thus screwing with my muscle memory.

I really hate this idea that if you play with a controller you are somehow so inept at aiming the game needs to do it for you. Halo 5 drove me crazy with it’s very blatant aim assist.

Unless you are new to playing shooters with a controller, you don’t need aim assist.

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To be honest, I never knew aim assist exist until the rise of Fortnite. I disliked the ideal of it period. It takes away an element of skill. Never enjoyed aim assist now, and probably never will.

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Yeah exactly, i always turn off this option in every game if its possible, i don’t have a problem with others using it but after you reach a certain skill level it’s just making things more difficult, so i really hope they will allow us to turn it off just like hitmarkers

There’s an official form you can post in for developers to read. Maybe if enough of us stress this dissatisfaction of aim assist, giving us an option to turn it off. They might give us the choice to enable or disable aim assist.

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Everyone should play on even grounds. Imo it has no place in Gears in general anyway but maybe it could be an option for the first 20 levels.

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That would be ideal but i doubt TC is willing to take this “risk” and letting beginners’ hands go so easily… but the things is that veteran players dont want their hands held while playing

100% agree :+1:

The aim assist is really noticable and off putting. It feels so ‘sticky’.

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Turn it off then, im sure i seen it in the options, instead of complaining turn it off

Get used to it, because it’s only going to get worse.

Cant you turn off this setting by upping the difficulty. In the tutorial it says something about aim assist on beginner difficulty. So i changed mine. I havent noticed aim assist tbh. I am on pc however.

Lets keep it all in the feedback thread mates :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: