Gears 5 - Xbox One X transfer question

Long story short, My current Xbox has been acting all funny recently (Random disc ejections/ Random Power On noises). So I want to trade in this crap for a new, smaller X version.

Question is: Will starting up the New Xbox one X and re-downloading all my games (I honestly only have Gears 5 and BL3 atm) delete my progress (Most importantly my Gears 5 MP progress)??? I dont feel like wasting a couple bucks on a seperate storage drive and transferring whatever game data is tonbe transferred. I repeat, I sold all my recent games and only have Gears 5 and BL3 on-hand…

Any and all game data is stored in an online Cloud storage, so any progress you made on your original Xbox that’s crapping out will also be on the X when you install those games there. You shouldn’t lose any progress, I didn’t when switching from my original One to an X when Gears 4 was still more active.

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Thanks bro. I wasnt 100% sure. And when I ask up on transferring stuff, they shove the whole “You should get a game drive” phrase down my throat. Hehe. Not wasting $50 bucks on something I wouldnt use multiple times