Gears 5 Xbox one X limited edition...make it a thing TC

Morning Gearheads
I did look to see if we had a thread about such things, could not find one. Mods if you want to move/delete no problem…it is only lighthearted.

Now that is out of the way, what do you guys/gals want to see in terms of Gears 5 merchandise. I’m a collector of all thing Gears and can’t wait to see what stuff we might get.
As title suggests though, top of my list would be:

Gears ltd edition X in Ice Blue maybe (Crimson omen is fine if not) with omen of course and two pads, one COG one Locust.
The previous 2 consoles have been the best official looking customs across ALL companies. I know I/we are all huge fans but even without that I think they look stunning.

Also more action figs, the blue top range has been excellent.

Anyway over to you :slight_smile:


I want a replica of the Swarm/Scion Mace.


It will most likely happen.

There have been a couple Gears consoles previously.

My all time Favourite was the Halo 4 Xbox 360 - that was really nice!!

But I have to say, I prefer just an all plain back and even decided to skip on the Launch X to have a plain black X.

Looks nice next to my plain black PS4 Pro.

And my Black Amplifier :joy:

hopefully they make one haha

Yeah only if it comes with preinstalled GoW5 dev. version with ping filter implemented.


It comes with 5x Packs so you can try and unlock the Legendary Ping Filter Feature :+1:

*No Guarantees though, additional packs are $9.99


That’s a great deal idk about you but imma buy 10 packs

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10 Packs should give you a very good 6% chance of getting it :+1:

Dw after everyone complains, TC will “help” by boosting that to 8% :raised_hands:

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guess ill just have to buy 100 packs to get the ping filter


That’s the spirit :raised_hands:


They could use loot boxes for other things. I rather play and win coins to unlock abilities. Loot Boxes could be used for Skins. Characters should be unlocked according to what you have to do. Some players get unlocked thru Campaign others thru Versus.

Yes please! Make a Gears 5 Limited Edition Xbox One X console. I currently have the Gears 4 Xbox One S console and while I don’t want to give it up or trade it in for an Xbox One X, I also don’t want to miss out on playing all of the newer games with enchanced visuals, higher fps, etc etc. The only compromise I would accept is keeping my Gears 4 console and buying a Gears 5 Xbox One X since I’m an avid collector anyway.

There’s a good chance we will see one so don’t worry.

I hope they do release more Gears stuff like that, missed out the opportunity to get the Xbox, making sure I have enough for everything next time.

You can still get them sealed, around £380 UK price. :+1:

Maybe they should make a Jack Edition with the power button making sounds like Jack.

Hell, to even unlock the MP, you need a pack for that…

Yeah, you must play against bots on one map, one mode until you grind for enough credits to buy the unlock MP pack.

100 Cr per match only.

Now remember -

This premium pack costs 8,000 Cr for 3 cards.

There are a possible 1000 different cards you can get.

One specific card gets you MP.

Card is Ultra Legendary - “Diamond Effect” Around Card.

Drop rate is 0.1%.

Have fun guys!!


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Hopefully it’ll be a One X and a day one for me!

Quite sure they are already making merchandise to go with Gears 5 like controllers, xboxs or whatever. They already have shirts.