Gears 5 XBOX Game Pass Ultimate Perks

I have Game Pass Ultimate, but under Game Pass Perks Section can’t find anything related to Gears 5. Did anyone have the same issue? And if Yes how it can be solved?

I did but the problem disapeared after I had some cheese and returned to the game

What type of cheese?

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I had some real Parmigiano Regiano with some balsamic drizzled over the freshly cut slices

There are few cheeses I do not like tho, in the US they sell a lot opf crap that cant legally be sold as cheese where I live

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Nice derailing in here.

Can’t say so.

Restart your console and go the perk-section via your Messages from Xbox live- tab. It’s at the bottom of the conversation-window.

Goats cheese is best.

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I had this too but I just got the GP app on my phone and did it from there.

And about all this cheese…

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