Gears 5 wtf moments!... Drop your vids too

It can really disturb you at a point where you can stay too long on it and don’t see that smaller enemies are coming too close (on BR each second lost can be fatal especially with randoms).

Your video is funny but it looks like it was Gears4 isn’t it ?

Thanks for the tips concerning the snatcher @AmicableWall421

@AmicableWall421 remember when this happened?


« Screw you guys … » is my favorite one.
The others are really good too. The matriarch can actually do some weird things

Dragged to hell…lol

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Yeah i was trying to Point out that this type of Glitch is not new.

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that drone has the Nimble-card on

And it is like level 12

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This drone belongs to the circus ( sorry for long intro to the vid)

I don’t need to say or show much else.

She has had enough.

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Even big momma’s not surviving that fall.

Also, holding a mace as the Medic?

Gotta have some fun. Being able to disrupt big guys helps.

I guess that’s a reason. Was just curious about it.

I think one of the big weird moments for gears 5 for me would have to be in my stats where it says I have 500 something days in campaign but my over all time played on gears 5 is 110 days

Side not I’ve only gone through the campaign three times

Deadly enemy, new best friend.
I need a recharge.

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Gears 5, LABYRINTH DOM, HOP-OVER GLITCH DOM (02-23-2022) Season 10

Gears 5, LABYRINTH, TAI- HOP-OVER GLITCH (02-22-2022) Season 10