Gears 5 wtf moments!... Drop your vids too

Some are pretty annoying, while others are just what are the odds of that happening. Enjoy, lol. Let’s see yours!


It’s been 4 years and I’m still mad about it. How did this nade kill me?


lmao it looked like you considered rage quitting there. Opening and closing the pause menu right there :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s this interesting thing in Gears 4

A couple of things that prove TC has literally no QA at all

I’m sure @TurnerBurner922 remembers this gem of a Tact player

So weird seeing Tact and Demo in boss rush after playing without them for so long.


I’ve got plenty in my recordings, but every time I hit “copy link” the Xbox app tells me something went wrong.


Meanwhile I’m not even playing the event modes. Kinda sometimes want to, at least Mania, but don’t think I have the group for it. And sure as hell not doing it with 3 or 4 other randoms that probably won’t even join it. And was the Tactician seriously throwing frags at the Wakaatu? Clip ends perfectly on a frag throwing quote, bonus points for that.

Also ; Poppers and frags are amidst the worst things when it comes to hit detection. They make about as much sense as […] on a fish. Not helped by a nuclear explosion radius when used by enemies.

I could have a few clips of Boomshot nonsense(explosion lands behind me and still kills through Stim, just to name an example), but I don’t even bother recording it at this point. I do have this gem back from the Op 1 days :

Also, short reappearance of the original Escape combat soundtrack for those that pick up on it(hard to hear because gun audio seems to be stupidly unbalanced in the clip - consider that a warning). I had a Snatcher getting knocked into oblivion by the Wakaatu clip once, but appear to have deleted it by now.

Did this vid a year ago. After that I’ve come across many more bugs.


And these are just funny moments


Air roll:

Triple side roll (gross)

Raven shenanigans

Flame Grenadier walks funny

Gears 3 mantle kick in Gears 5:

Wakaatu kills Swarmak

Wakaatu kills Carrier (at the very start)

Jack kills another Jack:

DR-1 uses Silverback

And finally, the nastiest, Teleporting Scion


From full health? Kinda doesn’t show in the clip.

And the Wakaatu should’ve been the one not surviving that. Like, smashing into a Swarmak with how quickly it comes up from the ground would just give it brain damage. Probably.

Clip is a little old and you can see it die at the very start of the clip. Wish it was caught better but this will have to do.

Oh and the kill feed doesn’t say who killed it as well.

I played the campaign maybe 5 or 6 times, but I could never replicate this :sweat_smile:


Do not question the elevated one.

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It’s not the craziest thing or the most pro or anything like that but I thought it was funny that the matriarch breaks and dies instantly when frozen by the relic dropshot, I would have imagined something like her being static and frozen in the air like when you freeze a juvie in full jump with cryo cannon, but well it’s fun

this isn’t gears 5 but well, i’ve been lucky with berserkers lately

this was fun

No explanation required. I got a lot more but this is probably the most egregious and confusing.


The last enemy somehow hurts me when I was nowhere near it.

Matriarch said, “Screw you guys, I’m going home!”

Sam gets dragged into hell

Teammate wanted to become the Digger (Gears 3) since it’s not in Gears 5.

Elite Ninja Drone



I forget this gem (campaign).

Del never came back from that. Sadly I completed that part on Insane (very difficult with one less player) and when you have to use the elevator I was stuck because you need Del on the elevator.

The video is short, I put some music on it and just repeated the scene.

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Will edit this post once i find more funny Vids.


This one is a Nomeniee for the " biggest BS-moment in PvE" Award. :joy: