Gears 5 wrong direction

Why would you decide to go with Kait as the main story character in G5? WTH? Gears has always been a Fenix family game. It’s either about Marcus or JD and it’s been an awesome ride. I seriously think this is the worst decision ever taking the story line away from the Fenix family. And every article I’ve read says this story is “fan-favorite Kait’s”. Where is this coming from? Because she’s one of my LEAST favorite characters so I really don’t see this as a good direction to take my (and so many others) favorite Xbox game. And we’re all pretty sure she’s gonna end up being the enemy in the end anyways with her having her grandmother’s medallion. BRING BACK MARCUS AND JD!!! FENIX FAN FOR LIFE!!!

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Because change is sometimes for the better.

The story needs to be progress and be different.

Exploring Kaits link with the Locust makes sense as the next step.

Also, we don’t even know much about it yet …


I think it’s a great direction. I hope they go to the extreme and have her kill Marcus!

Didn’t someone already make a post about Gears 5 going in the wrong direction?

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Yeah, a lot of the same complaints from people afraid of change. On my side it is a good welcome to go into the past of the locust and hopefully they pull it off.

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Skins of war x5

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I disagree with it having been a Fenix game considering the majority of the time spent in 2 is focusing on Dom

Also in 4 it wasn’t really about JD either but that’s who you were given to play as so yeah.

I disagree. We all like Marcus, but this is a good step, it’s fresh. Kait’s possible transition to her Grandmother’s Legacy is the best story for this “sequel” trilogy.

I wouldn’t sweat it too much either, look at the fact Marcus himself mentioned the place up North, and look at J.D’s arm. The Coalation clearly have plans for the Fenix family.

This may be the result of people not liking JD unfortunately. Kait only interesting because of her connecting to the locust. This is Halo 4 all over again

Bro…don’t you even joke about this.

Marcus IS Gears of War.

If they go ahead and kill him off in a pointless way…I am gonna be 100% convinced that this title has no future at all.If he dies the series dies.It’s that simple.

In my opinion, this crew (JD,Kait,etc. ) is incredibly uninteresting and in GoW 4 they never made me feel the least for them.Always making smartass jokes and giving the vibe that dealing with Locust again is nothing to them.As if they have faced them before which is not the case.Plus i hate JD a bit specifically for that scene where he disrespects Baird for no reason .

The E3 trailer showed a more serious and story driven tone though, so i truly hope that they make them more loveable.

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Marcus will die in gears 5… it’s happening!

dont you want to know about the origins of the Locust and Queen Myrrah ? who better to give us that then Myrrah’s own flesh and blood , i for one am looking forward to this ,its been long over due for the origins of the Locust .
Let me ask you a question ,what do you think about Rey ? from Episodes 7 and 8 and soon to be 9 from the new Star Wars movies ? (i think i already know your answer but i want to see for my self as Vader told Luke ,i want to Look upon your answer with my OWN EYES )

here is a great Video for anyone whos having a issue about Kait being the main character for Gears 5

moral of the story is , there is always Newer and better cheese out there in the world

Go find another game to troll around.

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I am not trolling. I love this game and I think Marcus is an awesome character. I don’t see why you think I am trolling. For the progression of the story and series it’s neccisary. Watch and see. He will be gone in the next game!

How funny would it be if Kait has nothing to do with Myrah and most people here are going nuts over her being the next queen.


She told me she always wanted to be a Queen … and then BOOM - she has a pendent soon after :+1: