Gears 5. Worst Gears of War game in history?

Here I will talk about each mode and what I felt about it.

Pros: My god this campaign was one of the best and most fun campaigns in Gears of War. The mystery behind Kait’s origins being the bad guy in Gears 2 was pretty cool and the fact you can play in 2 open world maps was pretty cool as well it’s something new it’s interesting.
Cons: Queen Reyna who is literally Queen Myrrah is the secret main villain rather than the mad scientist genius that successfully created the Locust to wipe out humanity in the first place. They should consider him their God since he literally created them but instead the Queen comes back and is the main villain now. I was somewhat upset about that but I can deal with it I guess.

Multiplayer: I love the movement and the feel to it. I like how it’s slower than GoW 4 and not as crazy and stupid with wall bouncing and players flying around aimlessly to get a lucky kill. You actually have to think more tactically and use the cover somewhat how it’s supposed to be used.
Cons: The maps make zero sense. The big maps have no long range or sniper weapons and the small maps do have them. The maps are boring and they may not be as generic as GoW 4 it’s the theme, texture and they way they are set up that makes them boring. You’re telling me Snowbound with the two sniper towers won’t have long shots or even embars on both sides? Or Bunker doesn’t have them either but they put them on Exhibit and Asylum?? Then for those big maps you would put short range weapons. What is wrong with this picture?
Also why aren’t there any other ranked modes like Dodgeball or the best mode of all time Wingman and OSOK?

Horde: Nothing wrong with Horde the same as always. I don’t play it much. I will say the cards aren’t nearly as good as the ones in GoW4.

Escape: Not a bad mode don’t play it much. Wish you could have 4 or 5 people playing though?

System: Now this is a big one. Micro transactions I don’t even have to talk about we all hate that stuff my god I don’t even want to get into that. Tour of duty is a dumb and boring system and is sooo monotonous but that’s what you HAVE to do in order to unlock a character or expression and I have to play horde or escape in order to unlock characters which is sooo boring and which I never play. It’s killing my fun of the game and is not nearly as fun as GoW4 was. GoW4’s system was great and wasn’t timed to earn stuff. I enjoyed that you actually gain decent enough points to unlock gear packs and cool weapons skins. Tour of Duty was a stupid idea.

Please someone reply and let me know what you think I don’t care if you’re toxic honestly I just want to know if I’m right or wrong?


I feel like your review didn’t read as bad as the title suggests its going to… Dont think there is a right or wrong tbh though mate everybody’s got their opinions. It took a long while for gears 4 to get to a good place and I think 5 will be the same.

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Oh stop complaining there is loads of content and the game is free.

I know that public schools have gone downhill over the years, but damn…


I got it free as part of my Xbox subscription.

Assuming that you’re talking about Gamepass, so have I, but we both paid for Gamepass, which gives us access to the game. So essentially, it isn’t free. Plus, who’s to say he didn’t pay full price for it? Let him say his peace imo.


To play online you need live.

Gamepass ultimate gives you live as well as gamepass at very low cost with all Xbox exclusives and some other games as well.

Only a fool would opt to buy gears when it is offered free.

So considering I would have needed the service regardless. Gears 5 was just a free bonus for me.

Let me put it this way.

When Netflix releases a movie through their service, do you tell everyone that you got the movie for free? I don’t think anyone does. Same goes for Gamepass. You pay for the service that allows you play the game, but essentially they aren’t free. You either need to pay for the pass, or buy the game. Either way, you’re opening your wallet.

I don’t agree with OP as I think Gears4’s reward system is horrendous, but if he has a concern with the game, he’s at the right place; the forums.


THE GAME IS NOT FREE. People really need to stop saying this


Imagine how dead it’d be if nobody bought gamepass lollolololol


Says who you???


Worst in the series, on every front.

The facts (what little can be gleaned from Microsoft’s efforts to suppress it) support that.


Single player is great. To me is the best since Gears of War 2 and Judgment.

Escape - I don’t give a shhhhhhh
Horde - I played a lot last time in Gears of War 3
Multiplayer - well here we got stairs. Lack of good maps, just 7 at the beginning, bad servers, Im always connected to US servers and have PING from 140 to 180, rewards are pointless, shop is pointless, well at this moment since multi from Judgment that one is fcked up too. I hope they will fix it as soon as they can.

I honestly don’t get the hate? It plays great, loads to unlock for free, and there will be a lot more promised going forwards, probably more so than the launch content. There’s not a lot of character but every character requires balancing now on horde/escape/arcade. Even if it’s things I had in a previous gears game I don’t care I have to unlock it in this one at least it shows people I’ve earned it. Yeah it has a microtransaction store but is it really that villainous? I’d rather have microtransactions and then a kid on mummy’s credit card buys all the store so as I get all the maps and extra content for free. I can live without a neon gun that makes me shine like a beacon in multiplayer anyway, jeez the gameplay isn’t broken everything else is a work in progress at least they’re doing something new with the franchise


I do agree with a lot of what your are saying. The gameplay isnt broken but it does need tuning.

As for the Store the prices are high for a AAA game.

The game could have released with the characters in campaign but if itsanything like Gears 4(amount of characters) then I can wait

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The “Wall bouncing flying around” was literally what made gears gears. This game is SOOOOOO BORING. It promotes static movement and hard aiming. You get rewarded for moving insanely slow. In the history of Gears the game is fast paced with hip fires and no scopes. The only thing TC got right was the movement feels great. Otherwise gunfights are crazy slow and not interesting at all. Dont even get me started with how boring the power weapons are. Sniper reticle is hideous and the buzzsaw needs to be deleted.PLUS the flash grenade LMFAO. What a joke.

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This topic is useless as a positive feedback.

Good point. I thing they should nurf gnasher making bounce usefull as it was at gears 4.
Hitbox should be fix as well.

Everyone should chill on the characters you know there coming.

I know, a lot of people are acting like every previous version of Gears released with every character playable from the start.

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