Gears 5 won't work for me

I downloaded Gears 5 on day one on my PC and everything worked fine for a few months. One day my friends are playing horde mode and I go to join and everything is bugged out for me. I can’t see them, I can’t move out of spawn, I leave and come back and things get worse. Ended up that I was nothing but a lancer floating at one point. Few days later I go to log on and the game locks up after a few seconds on the menu and sends me back to desktop with no error code. Keeps happening. So, I downloaded it on my xbox, same exact issue. I dropped the game and moved on. Today, I felt like playing again, thought maybe they fixed the issue with all the updates since. I download it on pc again, same issue. Locks up on the menu after a few seconds and drops me on desktop. I try on xbox, same exact issue. I log into my friends account on xbox and I’m able to play the game, no issues. Log back into my account…locks up on menu after a few seconds and drops me on dashboard with no error code…again. I’m not sure if anyone else has had this issue or if there is a fix for it. Please help.

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I hope you find the answer but in the meantime you can submit a ticket: