Gears 5 won't launch!

Gears 5 won’t launch, idk why. I’ve tried restarting the Xbox, I’ve turned it off, erased the game and installed it again. It just gets to this point and it takes me back to the menu

That’s strange, have you tried sending a ticket to Gears support? Can’t remember the link off the top of my head though unfortunately. I’m sure @GhostofDelta2 knows the link…he’s the man of knowledge. Hope you get it sorted.

No bro, I haven’t done that. Hopefully your friend can help me out.

He’s one of the forums moderators. Pointed me in the right direction a few times, hopefully you’ll get a response soon.

Found it, try going through this -


Thanks bro, hopefully they can solve my issue

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Fingers crossed, anytime.

@anon81102100 I think it’s the update that won’t let me play! I erased the game first; from there i put my console offline. Then I installed the disc only. The game worked fine, however when I downloaded the update, the same thing happened again. It won’t launch the game

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I had something similar but it worked for me after a reinstall. I did make a bit more space on my external hard drive, so how full is your hard drive?

Definitely tell support that if you haven’t already. Really strange that.

I have a 5tb external hard drive and it’s at 50% usage and in my internal hard drive it’s 0.4% usage. I already tried installing it twice and it still doesn’t work

Try a hard reboot, as in, hold the Xbox Dashboard button in the middle of your controller down for 10 full seconds, then turn it back on again.

I already did that too, I tried every possible way and nothing

Oh wow, then I don’t know what else to say. The one time I had that issue, I was able to solve it that way.

Hmmm, do you have an external harddrive to copy / download the game on to see if that works?

I have it on my external hard drive, I transferred it to my internal hard drive and no solution, vise versa