Gears 5 won't install on PC

Try downloading the new Xbox App from the MS store and installing the Gears 5 update from there. This worked on both my laptop and desktop, neither of which could get the Gears 5 update directly from the MS store.

I can’t get gears 5 to install fully gets stuck and doesn’t install all of it😭.
:star_struck:Yessss! Ok I hope this works for everyone. I’m no expert on pc and was struggling with this issue and felt what I tried made things worse. I have went through many forums no solution but I decided to keep at it day after day and had to rest my pc and uninstall.
1Ok this is what might help you open Microsoft store and install gaming services **
next install game( in this scenario gears 5)**
After Microsoft store finishes
3Launch the game and if it’s installing let it as long as you see progress and it takes a long time
4If for any reason the install stopped and not finished and is not showing any signs of progress close the game and restart your pc
5Press windows select settings/apps , make sure your in apps and features. Make sure gaming services image is colored and not faded, if it’s faded click on it and then select advanced options and click reset after that’s done click repair and go back to apps and features **
select and click on the game(in my case gears 5) click on advanced options and same method click reset and then repair **
7Launch the game and see if the install continues if not repeat steps 4/5/6/7

I hope it works for everyone and if it fails I suggest to run DISM command 1st system file checker 2nd and also if you want CHKDSK 3rd it take a long time but can you do that’s what I did but yeah :wink: good luck.

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