Gears 5 won't install on PC

Gears 5 won’t install on my PC. I reinstalled the Gaming Services app, ran the Windows 10 update, tried all the troubleshooting recommendations I could find (which most were years old), and restarted my computer a gazillion times and it still won’t install. Any new ideas out there? Microsoft told me it was a game developer issue.

Prolly is a developer issue tbh, but I’m not knowledgeable on pc stuff

I think I had a similar problem with gears 4 back then

Had to reinstall the whole OS just to get that game to install

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This is why I use Steam. Less mickey mouse, more gameplay.

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Try to relog your microsoft account

ok so I got this fixed for a while but then another issue popped up. When I try to launch gears 5 it loads the little pre screen then it says Game Security Violation (#00000018h). If I want to load it I have to click repair then terminate in settings multiple times its frustrating. I own the windows 10 edition of the game through the microsoft store, iIhave ample space for an update(100gb+). I dont know whats causing this and if you have a soulution pls let me know

Personally I had an issue during the last drop of operation 7 installing. I tried reloading the store, log out and log back in, restarting pc and couldnt get the game to do anything, ended up buying the steam version and am much happier.

Windows store games, updates, and installs are all trash. Finding your content qmd the install locations are just not very intuitive. Base version of gears 5 is $40 on steam and will carry over all your xbox/windows items except hivebusters if you decide to go that route

In my case, it let me play on OP7’s version until I restarted my PC. I had checked the Windows store app, Xbox app recycled both of them, uninstalled the Cosmetics pack and reinstalled that, to no avail. Once I restarted the PC, then the Windows store app figured out that I had an update to the game and started that download. The Xbox version picked up and installed in moments, grumble.

Yeah I’m having a lot of issues getting Microsoft Store to trigger the update for Operation 8. I’ve launched the game, manually searched for updates, restarted the PC, reset the Microsoft Store, and am currently installing Windows updates. The Store continues to indicate that it is up-to-date.

I’m not going to reinstall this game to try to make this work. At 112GB over a 3mbps connection it’s certainly not worth it.

Same, won’t trigger the update. WIndows 10 fully up to date, Xbox game app shows up to date including other games as well… @GhostofDelta2 Can you please funnel this upwards to see if it is an unknown issue?


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Same. There is no any update on my PC. Windows 10 up-to-date and Microsoft Store up-to-date.

Yeah I’m not sure what the issue was. Normally, if you launch the game it would trigger the update if it didn’t when you searched for updates. I got it to work randomly when going to Gears 5 on the store page. It just randomly started updating (mind you this is about an hour after trying various other things to no prevail).

There is definitely a disconnect between the game and the Microsoft Store that did not exist on previous updates.

I ended up uninstalling and reloading the whole thing overnight. It’s a pain in the vegemite jar but it got it working.

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Just got the 6.26gb update today Windows Store version been trying to update this game sins Tues operation 8 released. I was getting ready to uninstall and install it all back very late update.

Other info:
New Internet Wired cat6 Viasat / old Internet Spectrum
ping :626 old ping :14
download: 115.73 Mbps old download: 110 Mbps
upload : 4.57 Mbps old upload : 14 Mbps

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i still have yet to find a fix for this. it seems like like one of the only ways to play is to buy gears 5 through steam but i dont want to pay another $40 for gears since i already bought it thru the microsoft store.

When I started the game it said:

“Your game is out of date, please update gears 5 and try again”

I couldn’t update it through the “Downloads and Updates” page as it doesn’t show up at all. It also do not show up in my “All Owned” or “Installed” tabs in the Windows Store app…

The only way to force an update is to search for the game in the Windows Store app, click to the game page, and then it will recognize that it is installed already and trigger an update.


We found that if you install the " Xbox" application from the window store , then start it , it will recognize there is an error in the update of gears 5 and then you can start it from the windows store. it’s a 6Gb update for version 1.1960.

Your PC wants that storage for something worthwhile

I can’t get the latest update on PC. I’ve encountered so many errors in the past it is ridiculous. TC needs to learn how to code a game and properly support it.