Gears 5 with Horde 4.0

There should be a Horde 4.0 in Gears 5 because if there was a Horde 3.0 in Gears 4 maybe put it in. It will make perfect sense to put it in the game.

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And maybe Gears 6 can have Horde 5.0 because Gears 5 should have Horde 4.0 as Gears 4 had Horde 3.0, it makes perfect sense.

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All these Horde threads need consolidating stat.

I sent you a message earlier over live for a game or two, alas no reply :frowning_face:

Omg I just remembered !!

I was literally about to message you and we started a game and I’ve had the sweatiest matches and I forgot!! :sob:

My bad !! :v:

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I don’t think anyone should be allowed to open up a new thread within their first 24hours on the forum.


I concur…I’ve noticed people just joining a few hours ago and make posts about the ruby scion when there are already quite a bit of them already made

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I tend to notice it with the almost daily ranked complaint thread.

Although admittedly even some more experienced forum users are still opening multiple threads on that topic.

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