Gears 5 with gears judgements animated skins

I want opinions . I feel if gears 5 had that it would attract so many more players no doubt and make it more interesting

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Game had good weapon skins though. Something this game doesn’t have. This game only has 2 decent ones

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Who hurt you?

Gears 5 has been damaged enough by the inspiration that came from Judgment.


I agree with you here. On this new survey im doing, Kazuya, you might be surprised how many feel like judgment inspired this game.

I doubt I will be. I also prefer the term infected. How Judgment infected this game.


Animated character skins were an interesting gimmick. But nothing more than that.

I think something like Cel-Shaded skins would be cool to see but Im one of the few who liked Luchador and Color Blast so take my opinion as the exception.

Sorry…i thought you meant “Anime”.

“hey let’s copy this game everybody and their mother ■■■■ on when it came out. That’ll turn out well.”

The fanbase chasing down TC after it ruined the franchise, colorized:

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personally, i was never a fan of the animated skins. Not that animated skins are a bad thing, i just felt like they were always so tacky and comical, rather than anything that would make sense in-game or looked cool.

As such, i don’t think it would have really drawn a whole lot of people to the game.

If anything, I think they should really focus more on building an amazing character creation system, letting you make a fleshed out character with armor and skins from across ALL of the gears games. Let us make stranded, let us make UIR, let us make Pesanga characters. Let us pick skins but build loadouts by playing through the game. Let us use our created characters in story mode, even if they’re just that silent third or fourth player slot character story-wise.

Just look at Halo infinite and how they’re doing with the Multiplayer and its character creator. Rather than pushing character skins to use, sell them but let us use those parts to build our OWN characters, that way you get your own person OR you can still play as beloved characters. BOTH sides win!

I just think that actual customizations and Character creations would do far more for this series than bad microtransactions and repetitive skin packs seemed to do.