Gears 5 - Why the 1 Shot Down MUST RETURN!

Thoughts? Also, what 1 shot down range did you prefer, as I’ve broken them down. Personally I think gears 1 had it right!

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Leave it in Gears 1, it’s been there that long that it’s fine in that game.

As for Gears 5, that’s an undeniably huge NO.


If you had watched the entire video, the 1 shot down wasnt exclusive to gears of war 1. Did you really just drop some negative feedback and you dont even know what you’re talking about? Lmao

Just skip to 10:24 if you want to see the range required in each game to get a 1 shot down. You arent really making a case for why you’re against it.

Also feel its important to highlight, after gears 1, you needed an active bullet to achieve a 1 shot down. This is also shown at 10:24. With such specific requirements needed to achieve a 1 shot down, it would be more constructive and beneficial for you to actually watch the video before posting a reply.

Well, you’ll have to forgive him.The term “One-shot down” has ALWAYS meant using the Longshot, getting an Active and shooting then enemy anywhere on their body for an instant (arguably unearned) down. Yes, one could argue that in the heat of the moment, you may yell out to a friend “I just got one-shot downed!” after a laser from an enemies Gnasher. However, that term in cemented in my brain as a awful mechanic that only existed on the Longshot in Gears 1.

Secondarily, the video is rather lengthy and didn’t exactly get the to point until further into the video. To cap it all off, there is a lot of clips featuring the Longshot, which also indicates we are talking about Gears 1 Longshot.

People have really short attention spans these days, if you’re going to make a 15 minute video, it needs to be more concise and to the point.


Uh…what? I’m from the old days, no one ever referred to one shot downs meaning a longshot active. Sniper battles are about head shots, not downs. While you might be one shot down with the snipe, more often and in every game a one shot down is talking about the gnasher. Strange you decided to lead with that, only to be proven incorrect. If you think I’m being hostile, I’m not, just making a honest observation since you decided to reply with your own passive hostility. Please dont speak in absolutes when it’s your opinion that one shot down is a sniping term…lol its OSOK bro.

15 minutes is a little long I suppose for my first piece of YT content. I’m sorry i used gameplay footage as background video while I go over my talking points. YT algorithms dictates videos that are 10 mins or longer do better in terms of metrics. I do put a timestamps early on in for people who dont want to hear the justification, and want to see the raw data from gears 1/2/3 showing off specific 1 shot down range and requirements. If people have 3 hours to listen to joe Rogan podcast, I think you’re being a little overzealous speaking for the general populous and their attention span. Regardless, if you watched, thanks, if not, oh well, cant lead the blind.

Oh and if you mean my video has a lot of longshot in it, not really. I’m using the embar mostly.

I am not sure you or I are able to confirm who is “incorrect” in this conversation, and I certainly feel nothing has been “proven” yet.
I suppose we will have to wait and see how the rest of the forums interpret your post.


I’m just gonna say it now, you can look at your viewership on YT…neither of you watched lol why are you commenting when you didnt even care enough to watch the video lmfao

I care about your opinion, I’m sorry you dont want to show me the same respect. Np though brotha!

Or they could bring back Guardian!?!?!?!?

Bring back Guardian!!!


Hell yeah dude! Been playing gow2 lately with the homie, you can always find games in ranked guardian.

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I don’t know if I agree or not with the 1 shot down… but I do appreciate the video, really well put together. (Damn Muskrats! XD)

Also I agree with @RedHulk1973, Bring Back Guardian!!


Bro, you just seem to have a chip on your shoulder.
I don’t know how YouTube calculates what is considered a ‘watch’, but I I watched the first 5 minutes of your video, didn’t feel like the point was being made. Saw your comment about jumping to 10:24, jumped to that point and watched for about another 3-4 minutes.

Thank you so much, I think it would be interesting to test it out. Really want the competitive 2.0 betas to return in some form, or maybe a “gears classic” game mode with specific tuning?

I really hope guardian returns. Also, wheres that multiplayer map editor they promised? It’s nice to make escape maps but…I’m ready lol


Yea I don’t think it’s gonna happen now, which is a little sad, I thought since launch it’d be cool to check that out and see what kinds of maps people made, but it never came and it seems like it never will sadly.

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You never know, maybe the best truly is yet to come. Having domez and shadow on the dev streams were awesome steps forward, and if we keep bringing up the same points, eventually they will be worked on. I think Dana understands what the community expects in terms of communication, so hopefully we see guardian come, and I’ve said before the map maker would ease tension on TC so we the people [lol] can start remaking the old maps, and who knows you could do something like fallout did where we can have our multiplayer maps featured and potentially added to ranked play! It’s all just a dream but I think gears would work well if it introduced forge like Halo did. Forge alone kept halo 3 going for years…and griffball is a thing now, same with infection, a halo 2 OG mode :stuck_out_tongue:

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One shotdown always referred to longshot in the old game.

We can keep beating a dead horse, but obviously theres some people who remember it one way, and others who acknowledge it another. I’d actually prefer a discourse on the video, not sure why people are focused on something not important to the discussion.

What did you call it when someone hit you once with the gnasher and were downed despite being at full health?

Hmm, I agree with TRS Gears here, you don’t really create a compelling argument. The only real point you make is that it would help players learn the game, which I’m indifferent on whether it actually would.

But you make points earlier on in the video, which just seems completely pointless to the topic at hand. I don’t see how a one shot down would fix those problems.

Your idea with eliminations seems good, but is also flawed.

Say, for example, person X sits and lancers person Y and gets 7 shots hit on the Lancer. Person Y is in cover. Person Z comes in, takes a risk, pushes the guy with the Gnasher and wins that fight. However, person X gets the points, and not person Z.

The guy who took the risk and got the kill, doesn’t get rewarded, all because person X sat there with their Lancer and fired 7 bullets.

Yes, you have taken out the problems with down stealing and guys getting elims when they shoot one or two bullets from their snub, but the problem you have with the game, is still there.

The Lancer is still easy to use, and is still more consistent than the Gnasher. Adding a one shot down, or changing the elims system, isn’t going to change that.

Having said all that, I would like TC to experiment with a one shot down for the Gnasher. Put it in its own playlist, make a feedback thread on it on forums/reddit/twitter.

I see your point, and I don’t actually disagree with a one shot down for the Gnasher being in the game, but you don’t explain it particularly well in the video.

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That will never be the case.

You should never feel the need to educate me on Gears of War 1. I put an unholy amount of hours into it back in the day.

This. I watched the first couple of minutes and made that assumption. It would be more constructive and beneficial if you got to the point sooner in your video rather than the tail end.


Not much else needs to be said in relation to my post.

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Id like to see the 3 shot down return
( gears 4 comp settings) and the 3 foot gib range come back. Anything above 3 feet is 2 shot down or 3 if your 8 feet out or so.
I cant wait for the 8 clip shotgun also. Finally

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Wait…what? Did they confirm we’re getting 8 shots back?

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