Gears 5 - Whats Your Rank? - Comparison To Gears 4!

I wanted to create a thread where people can share what their Ranks were in Gears 4 and how they compare and stack up in Gears 5?

My highest rank in 4 was D5 (2v2) and D3 in KOTH.

Currently, with a couple of hours played, I am currently Diamond 2 in 5 now that its updated:

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Highest in Gears 4: Onyx 1. (Season 4 I think, otherwise nearly always Gold)
Current rank on 5 (after maybe 15 matches) Silver 1.


Well played mate :+1:
…oh to be more skilful :wink: …me obviously.

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Gj bro! I dont even have a rank yet since I always get kicked at the end of the match for some reason😂

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Aha I’ve got a few friends in the “masters” rank :sweat_smile:

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The ranks are completely broken right now. I know a guy who was stuck in Onyx 2 in Gears 4 get Masters in this game LOL. He didn’t even know what the rank was.

Also one of my friends who is arguably a top 5 PC player in the world has dropped from Diamond to Onyx 1 after wins and MVPs.

I haven’t been able to find ranked games yet, so I can’t comment on my own experience though.

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It’s definitely buggy :+1:

My matches keep not recording, but the highest i have gotten with my limited working experience is Silver 3. And im Onyx 2 right now in Gears 4 in KOTH.

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That being said i love the new ranking system if it actually works.

Onyx Three 97% was my highest for KOTH on Gears 4

I’m 19-4 on KOTH on Gears 5, MVP’d 20/23 games and I got placed Onyx 1 and went down to gold one, only to go up to gold 2 after a loss. The ranking is an absolute shambles.

A lot of matches arent recording. I like the ranking system if it works as intended.

Only about three of them failed to gather results.

I’ve played 3 Escalation games and it’s not recorded at all - still says I need 5 placement matches.

I didn’t enjoy Escalation - not really liking the new rules (limited lives, elimination rules, the way weapons are placed). Maybe I just need more games to get used to it, but so far not enjoying it.

I’m a Silver 2 in KOTH but have only played the 5 placement matches. The highest I’ve achieved in KOTH in GOW4 was Gold 3, but have been Onyx 1 in 2 vs 2 and Escalation. I don’t play much Versus - am more of a Horde player.

The ranks in the Gears 5 tech test are totally garbage! I was ranked onyx 2 at the beginning and I am currentyl jumping up and down between Onyx 3 and Gold 3 all the time. I even get MVP and win matches and still loose a complete rank. I think the ranking system as it is right now, cant be taken seriously!!

I was Diamond 5 in Gears 4 almost every season in KOTH. Always diamond 4 and 5.

I hope they fix the ranking system of Gears 5 when the full game releases

This is a top pro player:

Really thats crazy and doesnt make sense did you look at the summary at the end that shows how much you gained per round?

Nah I didn’t tbh

But I got a Diamond three in Escalation so all is good in the world

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Yeah at the end of each match if you click on details of your rank it gives you a breakdown on how much skill points you gained per rd then for the total match.

So is top 9% at the top end of diamond three or is it at the low end of diamond three? I assume it means I’m closer to four than two.

EDIT, wrong picture lol

Onyx 3 in KOTH Gears 4.

Gold 3 down to Gold 2 in Gears 5 after dominating first round with me in first place, everyone quit on other team except 2 people in second round. We win. And then…

MVP and going very positive and had an easy second round against the two remaining people and I lose 14,000 lol. Kinda weird.

Oops.logged in on my alt lol