Gears 5 Weekly Store. Whats up Dec. 4th

The only campaign bug I know of was the completion not registering, and now that’s fixed. Other than that it’s just been MP servers and rankings. Escape, hord, is fine. I feel like people’s frustration with the MP has led them to be too critical of the entire game.

Sorry but there’s been problems across the board :roll_eyes:

I must have gotten a special edition I guess

Guess you did…lucky are you then🙄

Very good, this means, that I will keep my iron. :smile:

Just give me Baird with hair, or better yet ,the Mechanical Baird skin! - Either as a TOD skin reward, on in the store.

Finally, earnable skins from streams again - thanks for the heads up. Would have missed this otherwise.

Careful, you will soon be labeled a shill that sees no wrong with this game.

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I’m a former US Marine I’ve been called much worse lol