Gears 5 Weekly Store. Whats up Dec. 4th

Well good to have a confirmation for Operation 2 news. Finally.

Jez that is some pure tat in there. I they even trying ?


Operation 1 is clearly winding down. They’re saving all the good stuff for Operation 2.

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Crap. Wish they do the FULL SET for the Museum set. Missed that one Daily one.

I want another chance to get lancer, gnasher and snub.

Actually just had a look…your right🤣

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Not strictly related, but… event exclusive skins? Aren’t there like, some of these Surf skins on sale in the Esports Store section right now? Read linked tweet below. Or the link in it, whichever.

The load out is for sale. The rest are for the stream. That nonsense at Halloween must have worked.

I figured that out but still thought it is somewhat nonsensical to sell the “loadout” weapons(when only Lancer, Snub and Gnasher are loadout outside of Arcade iirc) and then market the Surf weapon skins as “event exclusive”. They technically are, but not the full set. And I’m pretty sure each Surf loadout skin is 400 Iron, so TC would get like, 20€/$ for 5 weapons skins. Thankfully I do not find them interesting and I was done watching streams for skins a few years ago.

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Anything for a buck I guess.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The store has been mediocre at best since launch. And without a bunch of characters to have skins for I dont see it getting better in the next Tour

Does anyone give a toss about cosmetics at this point?


Damn. Remember when every gears of war came out with a full roster day one of the locust and the humans ready out of the box that you ACTUALLY wanted to use…


Skins used to not be a big deal. Just the gold skins, the blood omen skins, and the good art ones

Looks like they are trying to choke you guys in content you don’t care about. .

That really sucks for you guys in so sorry

RIP Gears for a while… Went back to gears 2 for an amazing AI experience. Went back to gears1 for a better execution experience

I mean…even this new melee they force down your throat to get behind…wth…weak ■■■ slap

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Whilst true, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it pushed back again :unamused:

My expectations of TC couldn’t sink much lower at this stage.

I really hope they can step things up, so I can stop having such a negative outlook in regards to this game.

It’s hard not to though, after so much disappointment.

Here’s to hoping we get the news tomorrow and that it’s something worth looking forward to. :crossed_fingers:

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I dunno man… it’s not like Operation 1 had much in the way of nice things either. Maybe Quartermaster Keegan, but alot of everything else was mediocre at best.

And as far as saving store items for Operation 2 - I don’t see why this is even a thing. Operation 2 carries on where Operation 1 ends. It’s not like it would make any difference whether it comes out now or next week.

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I wouldn’t be surprised either bro. They couldn’t even get their Twitter announcements right today lol.

Big day for them tomorrow.

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Yeah I see your point, but it wouldn’t make any sense to have some incredible items this week with the launch of your massive update next week. They may as well save it is what I’m saying.

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I love how people are so quick to condemn the new content before they know what it is. I know people are unhappy with the PvP tuning and ranking system, but Gears 5 is far from a bad / trash game, if ranked PvP was all your looking for then yea I guess it sucks, but now that it’s out they have plenty of time to work on it. Release had to work on campaign, hord, escape, new arcade and traditional modes.
I guess my point is have some faith, I don’t know who all has played battlefront 2 lately, but Dice turned around a major dumpster fire with that one, their’s no reason The Coalition cant do the same with Gears 5 MP.

The game was released without really being ready…almost every type of mode u play is still having problems…on going fixes not really acceptable…they had enough time aswell as a beta…poor buisness practice…and no its not defendable or acceptable :roll_eyes:

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