Gears 5: Wasted Potential TLDR Gnasher should be the only weapon

ok been wanting to talk about Gears 5 in a more general fashion, I will only be discussing the MP of GOW5 (all other modes are imo way better made)

On the surface level this game feels like every other Gears game, you chainsaw, you wallbounce, you go for Power Weapons… But when you look deeper it becomes apparent that this same has some of the most short sided or “boring” decisions ever made.

First off lets what Gears was, and what it should be. Or in other words why Gears 5 doesn’t work. This isn’t about little tweaks here and there, its more about fundamental design decisions that have progressively sapped every bit of fun from these games.

Gears 1/2 were made with a completely different mindset from the rest of the Gears games, if you just look at some of the basic (and franchise defining) mechanics of this series you’ll quickly realize what they were going for. Why does this game have gore? Because Epic at the time expected players to constantly gib one another in the face. Why does Gears have executions? Because they expected players to be close to you when you were down. Why is the movement in Gears so crisp (as an example Gears is the only game I’ve seen wallbouncing in) because they thought players could use that as a method of getting close to opponents (to get them within gib range)

Then Gears 3 came out… Epic basically saw CoD and thought that Gears needed custom loadouts and strong af rifles, the problem was that this just created an extremely unbalanced game with very stagnant (slow) gameplay, essentially backing away from some of the cool features that Gears 1 started with. Although loadouts have since been removed that whole idea that its fine be passive and sit back and relax with your lancer hasn’t changed. The recent update where TC increased the mag size of the lancer is a great example of this. What was their reason? Because “players couldn’t finish downs”, what they fail to realize is that there was already a weapon in the game called the Snub pistol that was great at that.

Why long range battles are boring for gears and why the Gnasher is the staple of this franchise:

  1. Gnasher skillgap is far wider than lancer skillgap (which is important as it gives players a reason to play long term to improve their skills)
  2. Gnasher uses gib+executions whereas lancers don’t utilize this at all (this makes gnasher kills far more satisfying in comparison to lancer kills)
  3. Gnasher utilizes the movement in Gears better than any other weapon in the franchise, without the gnasher wallbouncing wouldn’t be a thing, and thus Gears probably would’ve died years ago.
    Same logic applies to almost all of the lancer wannabes they’ve made over the years (hammerburst, boltok, markza, etc.)

Let’s talk maps:

It is insane that a game with some really good maps turns around and slap us in the face with some of the worst maps to ever grace this franchise. Allfathers, Exhibit, Asylum, hell even Vasgar and Icebound have grown on me over time. Bunker and Pahanu though are easily a couple of the worst maps I’ve ever seen. Too big, too stupid, too unfun for Gears. Even more unsettling on a broader sense is just how boring TC’s map design is.

Icebound. When you look at this map at first it doesn’t seem too crazy, but the ice is probably one of the most poorly thought of mechanics I’ve ever seen in a Gears map, let me explain. in Icebound you can shoot the ice to break it, which makes it a hazard because once a player moves on it they freeze. One mechanic that people overlook is that if you use the Ice Cannon you can refreeze the ice, why is the important? Because it means you could have a map with interesting flank opportunities and map movement. For example, you could have a map where an Ice Cannon spawns on both sides, with a lake or river or whatever you wanna call it going through it, then players could think of interesting strategies as to where they decide to move across said river with the Ice Cannon, making an essentially rare pickup weapon into a utility weapon with interesting possibilities. My point is that its wasted potential.

Let’s talk about weapons:

TC is (and always has) been sleeping on a plethora of great weapons. Scorcher, Mortar, Oneshot, Ink Grenades, Sawed-Off, even some of the GOWJ weapons like Booshka or Breachshot were cool, its like TC intentionally thought of ways to bore their players.

Lets ignore old weapons, lets talk about new. Why doesn’t this game have an Ice Grenade? Just seems like another wasted opportunity. Why isn’t the Stim in MP? instead of giving everything OP rifles off spawn (boltok, hammerburst, markza) why not give them a tool that encourages players to play more aggressively? Think about it, instead of giving players a boltok on each side of Lift or Harbor now you give them Stim, which would make those maps play far more aggressively


-Gnasher is what made Gears great, everybody else (including TC) is wrong
-TC has boring map design (no asymmetrical maps in years for example)
-almost every weapon from previous Gears games should be brought back

Ideas (How they’ll come out of this alive lol):

-remove all the boltoks/hammerburst/markza from all the maps in MP and either replace them with Stim (its basically a Halo-esque Overshield) or something better used for pushes (pickups by spawn are meant to give players some help to push for Power Weapons, whereas right now they just punish the enemy from playing aggressively)
-Remove active from lancer/snub (a simple, yet effective nerf)
-Bring back weapons one at a time each operation (would make each operation actually unique for a change)
-Actually put some thought behind maps, don’t just release something because it “looks good”, soooo many cool ideas gone to waste. If you need help TC let me know.

I’m aware that this is an extremely long post, but I needed to explain why I thought the way I did, and a couple paragraphs wouldn’t have done myself nor anyone else justice.


TLDR : Gnasher should be the only weapon

Multiplayer was a last minute thing thrown together before the release of 1 so all your “points” about gore, executions and wallbouncing hold no weight because Epic never thought about it that way.

Epic also didnt like the way the game was going with all the gnasher play and kept trying to move away from it with 2 and 3(CoD wanst the reason for more guns in the loadout)


I get lucky gnasher kills all the time plus it requires so little planning, just quick reflexes, so why everyone says it has such a high skill cap is nothing but mind blowing.

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I can tell wallbouncing wasn’t something they expected, nevertheless they always improved it (game by game) for that very reason.

So your point is that Epic lost sight of what made Gears great themselves? Before TC ever touched it? mkay. Halo had a similar problem lol.

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We the community are what made the gnasher and Epic didnt want that.

Epic kept trying to push away from the gnasher. In 2 they slowed the movement,
added the hammer burst to load outs ect. Also something to point out is the gnasher way the only primary weapon without a gold skin

In 3 they added the sawed off and retro to loadouts with a crazy hammerburts as well, insane stopping power ect


Idk back in 08 the Gnasher isn’t what sucked me into Gears, that didn’t happen until 2016.

Maybe but there are some gems (Dawn, Speyer, Reclaimed)

I get some, as they’d be way too similar (Ink Grenades, Rager Markza, forgot the name)
But kinda agree with this. I want my Hammer and Scorcher.

No, it punishes you for being and idiot and rushing right for the PWs.

I don’t think it needs to be removed, but nerfed (along with the ability to active without emptying).

Booshka in OP3 trailer suggests this might actually happen sometime in the future.

Or at least release old maps that need some love, Pavillion, Library, Gold Rush, Hail. And their new maps aren’t too bad. None of them really rub me the wrong way, other than Vasgar and Forge.

Seven months in I’ve read and written those exact same paragraphs a hundred times so no it’s not a whole lot of justice.

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But hes not wrong on why the game became so popular and the identity degradation the franchise has suffered since.

All those reasons made Gears stand out, made it unique but we’ve seen the franchise undergo a more casual, mainstream approach.

Gears really should crank the Gears-isms (gore, chunky cqc, executions) up and focus on strengthening its identifiers


Idk like I said Gears didn’t draw me in with the Gnasher play or gory chunks. Mainly for me it was the gritty industrial-pink story I liked.

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Right, that’s you. Not everyone got into Gears, esp initially for just the mp. I actually really loved the world of Gears before it became watered down and a lot more cartoony.

But a large reason why the quickly-put-together-mp of Gears exploded and became big was because online gaming through XBL was spear-headed by MS and the game was unique and not the typical third-person shooter. The Gnasher and visceral nature of the game was a huge reason.

I guarantee Epics original idea wouldn’t have kept the fire burning for a decade.


I honestly don’t see how it’s more cartoony. I think that’s the wrong descriptor everyone uses. Maybe saturated–but I always prefer color to grey and blue and brown. I know for sure my elder father had issues with Gears MP in the past because of his half-colorblindness and the washed look made it hard for him to pay attention. But in 4/5 he’s had no issues telling apart friend from foe.


Im not saying hes completely wrong, but to say that the game only became popular because of the gnasher is just not true.

Ive said this 1000 times already but one of the issues thats always plagued this franchise is its skill gap. Having such a big skill gap makes it hard for deveolpers and publishers to make money and without the game making money there would be no sequels


When I say “cartoony” it’s more of a catch-all term for the overall tone shift.

It feels less dark, less serious and more tongue-in-cheek these days. I really miss when Gears was “destroyed beauty” and the world was interesting to look at.

The aesthetic of roman/European arictecture mixed with modern structures layered in battle damage, made it look so much more interesting than clean, sterile futuristic glass towers of blue and grey.

Same with the Swarm. They look goofy, like censored versions of a horror movie with a PG13 rating. The Carrier, for ex, looks too plain and basic in contrast to every equivalent from the original trilogy.

The smooth, blob of gum look the Carrier has, to me it’s too basic and lacks the little details the Locust have as scales or reptilian skin. They look hardened and tough, alien in nature. The Swarm look lame and too… too generic like an enemy in most cliche sci-fi movies nowadays.


I love the older games, but visually they needed the boost of color, all the muddy textures makes it hard to even distinguish the different locations in gears 1 and 2.

As for the swarms design, I like them, their different troop types are easier to distinguish, like a drone elite vs a hunter are easier to identify and they fight differently. The carrier is definitely their weakest design, but the wardens are bad ■■■, so are the pouncers, and the swarm pods make a much more interesting environment. I think now all they need are some good generals that we take on as bosses.

If it comes to title, I definitely disagree. Variety is what defined Gears through years, competitive ,Tactical MP, awesome horde. And, what’s more important as point that drew people into playing this game, the main reason that made this game great experience is simple rules, easy to learn, hard to master.

You can learn every aspect of this game, every corner of this map, every weapon, movement, etc. But it will be hard to master it to wipe out enemy team effortlessly. That, imo, is wat made Gears great.

Gnasher is fantastic weapon, I can agree it’s fun gibbing people, but it’s not primary weapon that made gears iconic, this weapon is lancer with chainsaw.

New Gears lacks of simplicity, every mode got supercomplicated and people mostly hates learning something from basis. I see people complaining on Escalation being boring and loosing dynamical gameplay cause of weapon placements. Horde is boring on higher difficulties, if you want to use all aspects of horde, you have to learn to much things that should be irrelevant on basic gameplay, and not mentioning about mastering every aspect of it.

I appreciate adding Gridiron to gears, it has easy rules and you can really enjoy it’s dynamic gameplay. Same with escape (I really love this mode), but some aspects of it will push away some people.

Anyway, the only wasted potential to this game, is that it got unnecessary complicated if it comes to game modes rules. Mechanics didn’t changed to much, bad changes were reverted.

I think i probably stayed a gear head because of the gnasher and also all my friends played it in 06. The gnasher game play was really satisfying back then because it would take a few shots to kill someone. The movement, weapon balance, the maps…they essentially add up to gears mp. They made the rifles op for those players to play easily. In these recent gears games like 4 (core gnasher) and 5 the gnasher just one and two shots. The maps are definitely not great. As it stands i do think that all these support pick ups like boltok, markza are kind of a nuisance. The developers want them to have a point but it feels that there are too many pick ups on the maps these days that do a lot of damage. I get that they need to do damage duh. But i do think Kills are really easily had. It’s really not hard to camp at the back of the map and boltok etc. And i abuse the crap out of the overkill when i can. The easiest corner camp weapon. I am not proud of it but what can you do when the makers of the game put such weapons in. Gears 1 playing for fun included weapon swaps. What ever happened to those? More snipes, torques, digger even…drop, some power weapons are more fun than others. Those should be more prevalent in some modes. That’s partly why ffa is somewhat fun. Creativity is really lacking but i think you’re right as well that fundamentally there is something wrong. Next gears mp should be rebuilt from ground up, have all maps from previous games available, especially the classic maps! Bring the simplicity back, remove all delays. Let players have more control over outcome. Fix rolling into walls once and for all… /end rant

“Very stagnant (slow) gameplay”

Gears 3 was highly proclaimed to be the best in the series by many, this is because it had some of the most varied weapons we’ve seen in the series, variety of enemies, maps, big horde mode.

That’s how I’d describe gears 5 gameplay at this moment and even more so if it were just the gnasher. “Stagnant and boring.”

Loadout options are imperative to the success of this franchise right now. I and several others have been playing with these same weapons (lancer.gnasher) since the beginning., they’ve even removed options (hammerburst) THAT is stale and boring.

Same maps + same weapons + no refined movement system (got clunkier) = stagnant boring gameplay.

Your multiplayer idea of removing power weapons and all loadout is shockingly bad. I’d much rather have TC onboard if it were between your ideas and theirs AND that’s saying something.


Facts. Although I do slightly agree with the guy who made this thread. BUT the Boltok should definitely not get removed, that’s silly. But everything should be toned down a bit. I honestly think the gnasher is a little TOO strong and not precise. It’s also too easy to blindly shoot just cover slide and blast someone.

Whenever someone takes their time to put together such a lengthy post, I feel obligated not to just crap all over it. As it’s an indication of someone who has put a lot of thought into what they are typing, and are clearly passionate about what they are saying. However, I got to be honest OP, you really teed it up for me…

This isn’t a matter of me disagreeing with you, this is a matter you simply being factually incorrect. It’s noted nearly everywhere in annals of Gears history. Cliff Blezenski (the God to most Gears 5 haters) has publicly noted that he despises what Gears 1 MP had become. His vision was that players would play much more tactically, they would roll from cover to cover and “stop and pop” to kill enemies. He disliked the Gnasher being the primary weapon in Gears 1 so much, that Epic introduced a very aggressive stopping power to the Lancer and Hammerburst in Gears 2. You can find article upon article, video upon video folks from Epic like Lee Perry, Joe Graf, and Cliff all talking about how the community made Gears MP something that Epic could have never imagined. This is why the ease of wallbouncing and other QCQ maneuvers have only improved over time, instead of becoming less useful.

It’s funny you feel this way, because Gears 3 was arguably the largest jump towards a CQC game the series had seen. For example, why do you think mechanics like the mantle kick was introduced?

I for one have never seen anyone able to “sit back and relax” with a rifle in Gears. The Lancer has always been too weak to be a primary Gun in any Gears game, at least not at the pace this community has chosen to play it at. Yes, playing support and harassing players with the Lancer while they are in a shotgun fight is a very viable strategy, but the fact that players are even having shotgun fights to begin with somewhat dilutes your arguments. Players will ALWAYS choose the easiest way kill an enemy in a game, and there is a reason that Lancer kills are substantially less than Gnasher kills in every Gears game… its because it’s in fact not easy to kill with the Lancer.

The only thing I have to say about this is that you have pegged TC to be way less understanding of their product than they are. Just watch the latest Dev Stream, and see exactly their thoughts on the roll that the Lancer should play. Both Octus and Jamie flat out said it’s meant to support, not assault. They want the Lancer to punish players who are caught in the open, not be your primary source of kills in the game.

I agree with this.
I agree that the mini stalemates that always seem to happen on Icebound at the first ring in KotH are frustrating and can be boring. I agree that NOTHING beats the rush you get when you pull off that perfect bounce and outplay your enemies in 2v1. I agree that my hundred thousandth Gnasher gib feels just as satisfying as my very first over 14 years ago. However, everything that TC has said over last few months seems to agree with both of us as well. For example, adding bloom back the lancer making it far less effective at range, removing the walls from the overlooks on Icebounce to stop players from camping up there.

I agree with this, but that doesn’t mean other guns can’t exist simultaneously. For the first time EVER in a Gears game, I feel like every weapon has it’s place and purpose.

The two paragraphs following this were immediately dismissed, because they counter the entire point (the title for that matter) of your thread. In the same breath that you say “the Gnasher should be the only weapon” you are listing all the secondary weapons you would like to see returned? Which is it? You feel the Boltok encourages camping and asks players to maintain distance, yet you don’t feel that way about the Oneshot, Mortar, Breachshot and Booshka? This is sounding more and more like personal preference and not what is best for the community and future of the game.

Ironic that almost the entire community and TC agree with you on this… so weird.

This is an extremely ignorant comment… Not just from you, but from anyone who shares such beliefs. If we all understood the amount of work that goes into designing and playtesting maps, we may all be a little more tolerant of the maps that just don’t turn out right. Also, beyond that, the maps dont get their “looks” until months after they have been developed. They may have a theme, but all of the visuals aren’t even done by TC, they are done by Splash Damage. So I assure you, maps aren’t designed with ‘looking cool’ in mind, and the looking cool part certainly doesn’t trump any decisions that would otherwise make for a fun map to play.

The Lancer has a support roll, and it will always be a support roll. The Gnasher will always be the number one gun in Gears. The days of getting away with rushing boomshot on Mansion and weapon sliding it before two enemy lancers can down you are long gone. Every central power weapon now has to be earned, and a team with great teamwork will punish anyone who rushes lonewolf style. The more I read your post the more I realized that you are someone who still wants to be playing that same game they were 14 years ago, and that’s fine, we still got Gears: UE. However, for those of us who like to continuously challenge ourselves to evolve and improve; we’ll be here in Gears 5 playing a game that is very slowly becoming better and better.


I never suggested that… I know I posted a lot, but please read it better before making accusations.

My suggestion was to remove hammerburst/boltoks/markza hell maybe even shock grenades from the maps and replace them with STIM and/or flashbangs (something that gives places extra incentive to push for the Power Weapons, not just camp and punish them for playing Gears right)

This game punishes you hard for picking up power weapons far too often, which again, just makes for really stagnant gameplay/map movement.

A solution to that would be to remove delays. I don’t necessarily like the stim idea but it’s creative and this game desperately needs creativity. I don’t usually like to nit pick people’s posts. For example I know that Epic did not mean to make the gnasher so important to gears. But your general complaints about the game getting easier and rifle based I agree with.