Gears 5 Wants and Needs

Just wanted to make a video discussing what i wanted to see changed from GoW 4 and what GoW 5 needs to bring to the table, Hope you all enjoy if you watch :slight_smile:
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Firstly let me say I enjoyed the video.

I’m not a versus player so not gonna say anything on the matchmaking or universal tuning. Apart from it would be nice to be matched with other bronze or un ranked when I play to unlock a skin.

It came to me while I was watching it would be nice to have a similar match making on horde.
I’m wings 2 through horde. I started on casual and have worked up through difficulties. I got no problem playing horde on insane with a low level player as long as he / she is used to insane. For me it should be based on a particular difficulty , maybe at least X amount of 1 to 50’s on each class in one match before going to the next difficulty. and not rank. Rank on horde is time played not necessary skill based.

Map’s. Please give us new maps. How many times have certain maps been remade through the series. Not including the rehashes.

Lastly. Unlocking characters. Yes please take it back to ranking up or completing challenges like griffin in how 4 was.
If there has to be credits make it weapon skins and horde skill cards only and make everything to do with credits craftable from day one.

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So your main points are:

  1. Better matchmaking (no low ranked vs high ranked players, no solo players vs stacked teams…)
  2. One combined tuning (to stop splitting the player base and hiding gametypes behind core/comp )
  3. Better content (no boring maps, fewer remade maps, better value season pass, more varied characters - more Lieutenant JD, less Reyna with a skirt… - more challenge unlocks and no gear packs)

I agree with pretty much everything here!

Its a shame about the lack of progression unlocks - I feel like they should have learned to include more from Gears UE…

I do think that unlocking skins through progression and completing challenges is much more rewarding for players, but the gear packs are a good way for TC to make money… so I doubt they’ll remove them completely…

I feel that a good balance between the different methods would be a vast improvement, and seeing the recent challenge unlocks in Gears 4, hopefully this hints at more being included for future games!

Or perhaps they could even combine them - rather than unlocking skins directly in gear packs, you could unlock a bounty you have to complete to actually obtain the skin!

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one thing i want to see is ,can we finnaly fix the GD Spawns in KOTH , it sucks when you spawn in and the other team spawns right on top of you ,this has been happening since Gears 2 ,you think they could figure out a fix after all this time , and can we PLEASE GET either KOTH with EXE rules ,or Annex with EXE rules

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Yes! Hate when they spawn behind me when I JUST picked up snipe or something