Gears 5 VS multiplayer stream

Kinda yeah. I misinterpreted and thought what you were referring to was that players below Onyx lacked strategy, but had skill instead (which you didn’t say, but I inferred) whereas I was the other way around - more strategy than skill. But yes, I guess I’m a case in point that even limited players can get to Onyx with strategy, sneaky tactics and comunicating with team mates, although I’m convinced that Onyx 2 would be my absolute limit! I reckon my rank will plateau at that point.

Sure, I don’t disagree with that.

Remember, my point of view and opinion is from my own skill level, rank and combined team. My teams and friends are exceptionally good at the game.

Within the context of a even lobby, I’m sure all ranks can prove they know what they are doing and perhaps lack skill to always come out on top but appear to carry out some sort of plan because it’s that similar rank and level.


When I personally go into a lobby that doesn’t have at least 3 good Diamonds,

And if there are ranks lower than Onyx 2/3 especially,

They just seemed overwhelmed, confused and unable to cope with the aggressive nature of my friends and my playstyle.

That’s what I mean by Golds and below not really having a strategy or plan, they just get pushed into a corner and don’t know how to respond to what do to. They carry on rushing out individually, showing no real understanding.

My screenshots show that it becomes one sided because strategically, you are going to get punished.

Sounds like you’re describing a coordinated stack playing against a lot of solo q’s

I’ve already said it doesn’t matter if I’m in a 2 or more.

The points are the same.

LMAO where is this thread going?

If you think this one went off track read some of the posts in this.



Gears 5 looks great and i can’t wait for the Tech Test!!

from what i have seen so far…
its just gears of war 4.5

that 2 dimensional wall bounce they created in gears of war 4 is back from what it looks like

nothing nostalgic or really improved upon from what i see

gears of war is all about wall bouncing and hip fire with the gnasher…and this game is just gonna be another left trigger clicker like the last one… with the worst wall bounce ever in a gears of war (next to gears of war 2 )

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I did not want the thread to turn into all that nonsense. I just wanted to know other peoples favorite youtubers to watch so i can check them out.

It certainly takes no time at all to realize when the team you’re facing is decent or straight garbage.

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The movement in Gears 4 adds an element of skill that takes a lot of time to master. Even after you’ve “mastered” it, you’ll find there are those who do it just a little bit better than you do. If you really think Gears 4 (and 5) is “another left trigger clicker” than you truly don’t understand how this game plays. It’s not as simple as you’re making it out to be. Most of the matches I am matched into has players using experienced movements, Gnashers, Pistols, Lancers and every power weapon on the map. It’s not a one sided affair but if you haven’t played in the Diamond tier matches, especially KotH or Escalation, you wouldn’t understand this. Onyx and below matches tend to be what you described only because players are too stubborn to accept other weapons. But even with that fact you can’t say it’s a left trigger fest when the best players don’t do that.

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That’s just part of this forum, really, to see threads go completely off the topic it was actually intended for. Not that I mind because some of the discussions are absolutely hilarious to read. But often mods just remove those posts after some time or close the thread if it doesn’t go back on course.

Thank goodness! One of my major concerns is Gears 5 was turning into a Halo carbon copy with the mini maps and such. I’m glad reason prevailed and the “Gears needs to be modern” campaign was ultimately crushed

Gears community defiant until the end

ok let me put it into lamens terms for you…

the movement and the shooting is garbage in this game…

the original gears had the entire thing correct

it had the gnasher battles correct

it had the wall bounce correct

hell…even the backpack was actually a skill

this game is linear as hell in movement compared to the first gears

i get it…your gears4 for life…
im gears1 for life …and gears 1 came before the 4th so they should respect us

Your closing sentence is illogical.
Regarding the rest, you have to accept that it’s a matter of opinion and you would find yourself in the minority saying the older mechanics are superior. Most find them crude in comparison to the newer, another mechanics. I’m totally fine with you having your preference though and don’t know why people have to try to enforce preferences as if they were facts.

it is a fact though…thats the problem…

Wallbounce wasn’t meant to be a thing, so there was no intended mechanic for it and it was constrained to movement that was already programmed for cover slides. It’s not really “correct” when it was somewhat of an accident.

If you want to be immature about it and refuse to respect personal preference, then I guess we have nothing to talk about.

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all i took out of what you said

was that everything great about gears of war was an accident… and they couldnt purposely recreate the accident without messing it up.

I played Gears 1 and had Seriously within 3 months on an old gamer tag. I loved the game but the pace of that game doesn’t hold up well at all. Halo as a game holds up but Gears doesn’t. The evolution of speed was needed because not every first game holds up. I played every Gears game and enjoyed them more than you likely think I did. I just love the fluidity of Gears 4. The only fix that is needed is better handling of laggy players.

But to each their own. Your opinion is valid because you’re entitled to your own belief.

By the way, just because you claim it’s a fact doesn’t make it so. Learn the difference between fact and opinion before you continue to look foolish.