Gears 5 Visual Glitches/Bug - PC

I have encountered a variety of glitches in, I assume, the temporal reconstruction/TAA algorithms used in Gears 5. They manifest whenever there is quick camera/object movement and manifest under the form of ghosting, extra sharpening and, more severely, as white stripes across characters faces in cutscenes and green/red/blue artifacts during gameplay (see pictures for details). (note: it might be similar to the glitch described here: Gears 5 new nvidia driver glitches in cutscene )

Extra sharpening artifacts (see the edge of the mountain):

White artifacts across characters’ faces:

Ghosting artifacts - notice the hanging chain:

Green artifacts when panning the camera:

(EDIT 3: Posted all images)

These images were taken with settings on Ultra at 1920x1080 (my monitor’s native resolution). However, lowering/turning off settings does not change the artifacts. However, if the game resolution is changed (to 104% or 97%), the artifacts are not noticeable, hence my guess that it is a problem with image reconstruction.

My PC is an HP Omen 15-DC0017NP with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 with Max-Q Design. The latest GeForce drivers are installed (GeForce game ready driver version 436.30). I’ve tried reinstalling the game multiple times. The version I’m playing is from the Windows 10 Xbox App version (the one you get with Game Pass).

Edit 2: I forgot to say that these artifacts only occured occasionally until updating the game and the drivers.