Gears 5 viddy to get ready for gears 5 HYPE! 🚀

Just something we put together to hype Gears 5, enjoy.


OMG I’m so HYPED!! :raised_hands:


Right now, that would probably the least of my issues for what TC are doing in Gears 5. Created with the player in mind? Yet it seems more it is just created with TCs vision in mind and not what the players actually care for or want. One just has to look at Horde now, with hero(or might I say “class”) locked characters and a pointless “no duplicate heroes” limit. That would be more significant to gameplay than the omen… if you’re not a PvP only player, that is.

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TC’s inability to build off Gears 4 surprised me quite a bit. I expected evolution that made sense.

We got Gears of Fortnite: Modern Warfare 5.

Now I know why it was shortened to just Gears 5.

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:joy: Love it :joy:

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Your content thus not inspiring gameplay is not hype worthy.

to be fair it’s only a techtest and we were just feeling it out.

if u want to see insane clips I will refer you to this vid:

I’d like to hear ur feedback