Gears 5 Versus Tournament In July?

I’m pretty sure Rod just said that 8 select teams from around the world will be selected to come and play Gears 5 in July (I think the dates were 14th?)

He mentioned it would be one of the first chances to see what versus looks like.

I wonder how this bodes for a BETA as that would mean perhaps August time?

Saw it on the Inside Xbox Stream, he did say it pretty quick, the chick that was interviewing was more interested in the fact that it was her birthday and didn’t clarify what he just said :sweat_smile:

I wonder if we will see anything at E3 related to MP - perhaps campaign only stuff?

He also mentioned Pop and Tactics again.


@DAVID_THE_CLOWN - always knew July was the best month :wink::raised_hands:

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Yeah that’s correct. Along with Gears eSports getting a 6 episode series on TBS starting on June 14th. Don’t recall the exact date of the Gears 5 tournament, but definitely in July, probably coincides with the end of that TBS series.

Lol. Of course it is!

Yay… esports.

Here’s the information from Inside Xbox:

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feel pretty disappointed with this. it confirms a beta wont be hitting until after that tournament and it also confirms the studios decision to keep focusing on e-sports players and their wants and needs in a Gears game. expect more split weapon tunings and modes made strictly for those players and not the core fanbase.

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I think it’s a fallacy that they cater to pro players. There’s no money in that. I do believe that they get a lot of feedback from pro players since these are players who know the strengths and flaws of a game better than anyone else. It only makes sense to get their opinions. I think you’re wrong about split tuning. It’s been the biggest complaint of Gears 4. If anything, they might make a lan tuning but they’d be fools to do multiple online tunings when everyone (including many pros) have asked them not to.

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