Gears 5 verses "feel"

I gave my thoughts on 5 about a day ago. But due to my love of gears I reinstalled 5 to really give it my best shot at learning to love it for what it is, not hate it for what it’s not. But I do have a question.

Iv got my sensitivity turned all the way up but it still feels slow. Is this just how gears is for this installment or what? I’m trying not to have a bias opinion but gears 3 and 4 movement is the type I’m use to. So is this just something I need to get over or is there something I’m not doing in setting?

Also, how do yall feel about hit registration? I downed a player and I go to clean it up and I PB him barrel damn near touching him yet i got nothing. Now i know that is nothing new due to the fact gears has always had some issue in one form or another with registration.

And lastly, this matchmaking business. Can someone shed some light on this? In 4 i was high onyx in koth. I jump on 5 and it puts me in bronze. I’m getting more kills than deaths, I play OBJ with points being one of the highest in whatever lobby I’m in, 40+ kills pretty religiously, yet I’m in bronze supposedly with ppl who either have never played gears before or aren’t very good. However the players I come up against definitely know what they are doing. So this ranking system is confusing.
I love gears. Always have always will. But is 5 just so much different on purpose or are there big issues that TC hasn’t solved yet?

There are definitely some issues with the ranking/matchmaking systems. I have noticed i get way easier matches playing solo than when I play with my friend that is Bronze I. Which is odd he shouldnt really impact it that much since im Silver 3. I think just play the game the best you can and dont worry too much about the ranking. As for the sensitivity it feels okay to me after this last update. Shot registration is a real issue and I hope it gets addressed soon.

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There are many creative issues that TC has kindly developed for this game, to keep it interesting.

I understand your point about the Gears passion bringing you back. I felt the same way, continually trying my hardest to enjoy any aspect of the game. I was very unsuccessful. The only good things were all Myrrah-related content in Campaign. That’s it. They ruined everything else with their pathetic new ideas that were implemented with the intent to appeal to the mass amounts of casual general filth who happen to have Gamepass.

Don’t sugar coat it bro, tell us how you REALLY feel



The game is like that on purpose since TC announced that they would “risk” more in 5 in order to make it different from the other Gears.
Although we all know that those changes were implemented solely for the purpose of attracting more casual gamers, which means attracting more money.

C’mon Kaz, we need the commoners, if they leave we would be all alone playing horde on Gears 5.


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All this animosity against GP and GP users as of late is quite laughable.


Missed out on them 2 buck months huh?

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So shots not registering is on purpose?

It’s clear that in order to help the casuals, they screwed up with the registration of the shots.

filthy f*cking casual general filth.

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No, I have Gamepass myself. My point was the game was designed with the bigger audience in mind as opposed to the smaller, yet loyal, Gearsheads.


No. Re-read it. It’s a statement regarding the development of Gears 5, not a direct insult to gamepass owners (hence ‘happen to have’). I have it myself. My point, as said above, was that there were several dramatic changes to the mechanics of Gears 5 in order to appeal to the bigger, more general audience.

A bad decision that clearly had a negative impact on the game’s longevity.

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You are filthy and you know it. :joy:


But I doubt GP was the sole or even the main drive for trying to shift the game to appeal to the casuals. I bet my left nut that if GP wasn’t a thing, the game would’ve still ended up the way it is, because this is basically what TC has always wanted the game to be.

GP isn’t the anti-christ people make it out to be.(not speaking of you, just in general)

Agreed, it’s far from it. Yes, the game was always doomed.