Gears 5 - Update Weapon Category / Choice Selection

Gears limits the selection/ choice of spawned weapons and it can sometimes be annoying when playing with the same weapons on the same maps from the past 4 games. For example, there should be new created weapon downloads monthly or the choice to create your own weapon such as a Lancer attached Torque Bow. Keep in mind that the more diverse the players are the more weapon selections should grow, and not just unlockable weapons or colors either.

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With GOW4 being so competitive / eSports orientated, I suspect this idea would get lots of complaints due to balancing issues. I doubt it would happen. At most we’ll get these new variants as individual weapons rather than anything truly customisable.

In principle, I’d agree some minor customisation options for some weapons like the Lancer. From the GOW5 trailer Fahz is carrying a Lancer that looks like it has a grenade launcher attached, so perhaps you get the option of a launcher or a chainsaw?


For public events, eSports would have its own sub-group within Versus or a Competitive mode. As far as weapon access goes, interchangeable shotguns and lancers would be great. Bring back older weapons initially or download-ably (i.e. Digger, Hammer of Dawn) with the adaption to upgrade weapon choices, custom weapons and or features. How cool would it be to have a Gorgon Submachine or Snub Pistol with a Laser. Anya can have the same weapon as a Theron Guard only when its available on larger maps.

It complicates matters too much, I agree with @Bleeding_Pepper about the balancing issues. But weapon-wise, Gears is known for its simplicity. You pick up the weapon, you use it. Customised weaponry just doesn’t suit. Maybe in the likes of Call of Duty, but not here.

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No, please no. If that were to happen then it wouldn’t be a Gears game. That, and it would slow the game down so much and remove all skill involved.

“Oh you won that Boomshot because you used teamwork and support? Screw that because I have a Boomshot attached to my Gnasher that has the scope of a Longshot”

Competing with newly puffed weapons would change this game into Tears of War.

Im not crying but we need 60 weapons at best.

Interesting idea. It would give the community something to mess around with.
Here is my example: torque bow with a scope.

Maybe that would work in horde some mystery ways. You could place power-up attachments to weapons debending on fabricator lvl.

What do you think about dropper attached on digger? You could atleast DP sions :woozy_face:

That would be awesome. Also they have to do something with the maps. How many times have you played on or watched the same usual map packs. There needs to be at least 100 maps for Gears 5, possibly even cutting out pieces from Campaign and using them on Multiplayer. No River and Jacinto on Gears 5!

How dare you!:fearful:

only if the map expands and theres a Mortar

And 100 wave hord would be awesome!