Gears 5 *Unofficially* DEAD

Game is dead in water. 5-10 minutes too find a gridiron game? Was never longer than 2 for TDM.

What’s does that tell you? Bad decision pushing people too a mode they don’t want too play.

Sort it out.


This is fine, doesn’t break any rules :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally someone with sence


XD Sorry.


Legend lol

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Whats wrong with gridiron ??

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Are you kidding me!?


What’s wrong with tdm?


Its basically a better Execution, people don’t like single life modes like they used to back in GOW1/2 days (pre-TDM) so Gridiron despite arguably being far better than TDM, will never be as popular.

Many TDM players have probably moved into KOTH instead of Gridiron I suspect.


With gridiron if the other team catches the flag and scored a point does the round end?

I never said there was something wrong with tdm!

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U mean touch down?? Then yes.

Well yeah… You should try it sometime :slight_smile:

I like it to some degree but the reality is that like everybody plays KOTH so I never really feel any sort of “nudge” in that direction if you know what I mean.

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That’s why exucution is better because the round doesn’t end when players are still alive fighting

Us tdm players are forced to play koth we want it in ranked


I like gridiron, teaches alot of donkeys to value the single life they have, instead of head down charge they need to actually think 1st.

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U either need to get the flag 1st then or defend ur zone.

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Objective based games are BORING.
Gears used to be free roam and kill to win you have to use your brain not go for a flag or catch a ring to win


So ether get an objective or camp… lame

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Tdm is in social tho, but u get all types of bad playrs in that. Which can be frustrating.