Gears 5 Unlocks Executions? Please no

I wanted to know if executions in 5 parts of Gears will need to be unlocked? gain? if so, please do not let The Coalition do this and give all Executions without getting them…

And I am begging The Coalition, increase the brutality in the 5th part to be the same as in 2.3 parts because looking at Gameplays from the E3 shows, you again reduced it more than in 4 parts

BTW: My attention to these executions in the 5th part of Gears, instead of these symbols appearing after the execution, just make a blood stain on the floor and walls because it does not look great and I do not like what direction this series begins to take more and more juvenile recipients

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they most likely will have to be unlocked through gameplay

if i recall in one gears game you had to get a certain amount of kills with each weapon to unlock their specific weapon execution as well

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It was Gears 3. They even had a tracker where you needed like 0 / 40 kills or something like that, before execution unlocked in War Journal.


It’s most likely to be unlocked through gameplay

Didn’t they already show executions on the list of things that will be sold as micro transactions?

There will be the default Execution on every Weapon and also unlockable Executions for each Weapon, Just a bunch of Cosmetics so chill out lets wait and see.

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