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Gears 5 Unlockable Characters and weapon skins, NO MORE PACK SYSTEM!

i agree with this but i also think they should incorperate other ways of unlocking characters or weapons sins such as having the golden weapon skins for gow2, having aaron griffen in gow 3,4 allows you to unlock aaron griffin and griffen themed skins in gow5

Totally agree i hate the my three fav game modes are are different tunes. Its dumb just stick to one

Pack system will be back. Unlocking through challenges never really went away it’s just there aren’t many challenges to do and they only change them periodically.

Remember GOW3 which had those progression medals (bronze, silver, gold, onyx) for various things like get X kills with Y weapon; clear X number of Horde waves or canpaign chapters, get X number of executions and so on?

The tasks and challenges are all there. TC just need to decide to do this. Unlocks can be linked to achievements too. Several characters from the oldet games were unlocked this way - mostly through campaign progression.

It’s not gonna be packs. I already forsee it’s gonna be the “Battle Pass” system that I keep seeing popularized by Fortnite. It’s the new hip and cool thing the gaming industry will overuse. Watch.

What is this ‘Battle Pass’ concept anyway? I literally have no interest whatsoever in the whole Battle Royale… stuff, to remain polite(even though I don’t want to be in regards to the BR hype), and even less in Fortnite. So I don’t know what it does… and I would hope TC as a whole knows it better, so they do not bring that in. Whatever came from Fortnite can stay there, or at least away from Gears.

If Gears 4 had released today it would have been wrecked online in terms of its microtransactions. I hope that for Gears 5 the unavoidable purchasable loot-box system will not have any pay-to-win model (even if limited to coop as was horde skill cards) and be focused on cosmetics only…

A game should never be locked by a pay wall.

Aside from premium cosmetics, everything should be reasonably earn-able.

I’m sure TC have learnt their lesson.

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I agree, not sure why they felt the need to ruin a decent game with this RNG rubbish.

But I bet it will be implemented in Gears 5, it’ll kill off the core players and the newbies will move to the next COD or fortnite games. Gears 3 had it just right, earn the various onyx medals get stuff unlocked, I hope the new gears doesn’t screw up on this.

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I think it depends how they do it.

Direct purchase without RNG would work and only for cosmetic.

Oh and I forgot to mention, but having to gamble/win characters is a massive low blow, didn’t get this BS in gears 3.

I get that unlocking certain characters adds to the replay-ability of a game (like completing certain tough achievements make it feel worth it e.g. seriously on GOW with the pic), but having to churn and get a random chance for some cruddy skins on my gnasher is so naff, I don’t want crap in the new gears or I will chuck that s*** in the bin.

They better include some decent maps that don’t involve a all the maps from the old games updated with snow and sunshine. Remember the days when developers made a game and it had all the features included like playing more than 4 maps fresh from the disc without buying a season pass!

LOL paying £40 for a game, then another £45 for a season pass, just what exactly am I getting for the extra £45?
A new campaign e.g. Raam’s shadow? nope
Loads more maps? nope, - you get to own the maps we should have originally given you

Im curious how thats gonna work in my neighbour country, belgium, where such packs as they do in GoW4 are illegal and considered gambling. In Apex Legends for example, which has a similar pack system, the packs just give you in game currency to craft whatever you want.

Just adding my opinion to the mix : YES RNG packs suck. Ok for E sport and, even better, for Charity. I agree with what players said here. Gears 3’s way of unlocking character by playing was awesome.

Yes, I also really liked the Gears 3 system with medals that led to unlocking characters and skins. Wish that would be default way for lots of loot but they need also a way to keep players coming back often to ensure matchmaking pools are large too, e.g. events. The RAAM challenge is also a good way to reward players that keep the Gears engagement, e.g. time-limited earnable skins/characters. I hope they learned that this is better carrot than RNG boxes.

And then give us option to “buy-what-you-see” packs for eSports support, charity, community designed skins, …

I would rather not see any RNG unless it only affected the order you receive things (e.g. you don’t get same item twice unless consumable). Scrap ratios were insane in GoW4.

In general, I hope they make it rewarding to just play the game regardless of skill level. We need those matchmaking pools filled so make it valuable to invest time in game at any skill level.

And please remove ribbons that are based on insane luck outside of your control and your team mates sucking big-time …

Yes, the DLC … we play LAN events, thus got the DLC, but opening “private eSports” via season pass was really strange solution. Especially since you did not really get full control, e.g. no ribbons/xp playing on them. TC was not honest about this “full control” up front, but that was my bad for trusting them and pre-ordering.

I get that removing ribbons from private matches is about preventing boosting but it takes away the fun-factor (nothing like pop-up ribbon highlighting you did something great in-game). Also, playing gears fiercely with friends for 6 hours without xp/ribbons/progress was also one of those things that just made G4 less fun for us than earlier gears. With the boosting possible with bots in both versus and horde, really no reason private matches could not have some rewards tied to them too.

Exactly I used to love seeing in gow3 someone with a flaming weapon skin because I would know that they’re a solid usually good player when now you can just buy any skin or character and it don’t show anything

Looks like our prayers have been answered


Ooooh thank you I hadn’t seen that yet! That article answered all my questions and got me pretty excited for vs. now I just have to find a crew to play with since my old gang doesn’t play anymore!

This sounds really positive.

Also it sounds like the way we will unlock custom items will be based on time played rather than a credit system so there shouldn’t be a disparity between Versus and Horde. I know there have always been complaints that in GOW4 Horde pays more credits than Versus,

agree dude