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Gears 5 Unlockable Characters and weapon skins, NO MORE PACK SYSTEM!

(XxItzCarminexX) #103

i agree with this but i also think they should incorperate other ways of unlocking characters or weapons sins such as having the golden weapon skins for gow2, having aaron griffen in gow 3,4 allows you to unlock aaron griffin and griffen themed skins in gow5

(xXMapleBanditXx) #104

Totally agree i hate the my three fav game modes are are different tunes. Its dumb just stick to one

(Streiter Elite) #105

Pack system will be back. Unlocking through challenges never really went away it’s just there aren’t many challenges to do and they only change them periodically.

(Bleeding Pepper) #106

Remember GOW3 which had those progression medals (bronze, silver, gold, onyx) for various things like get X kills with Y weapon; clear X number of Horde waves or canpaign chapters, get X number of executions and so on?

The tasks and challenges are all there. TC just need to decide to do this. Unlocks can be linked to achievements too. Several characters from the oldet games were unlocked this way - mostly through campaign progression.

(xValtiel) #107

It’s not gonna be packs. I already forsee it’s gonna be the “Battle Pass” system that I keep seeing popularized by Fortnite. It’s the new hip and cool thing the gaming industry will overuse. Watch.

(AmicableWall421) #108

What is this ‘Battle Pass’ concept anyway? I literally have no interest whatsoever in the whole Battle Royale… stuff, to remain polite(even though I don’t want to be in regards to the BR hype), and even less in Fortnite. So I don’t know what it does… and I would hope TC as a whole knows it better, so they do not bring that in. Whatever came from Fortnite can stay there, or at least away from Gears.