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Gears 5 Unlockable Characters and weapon skins, NO MORE PACK SYSTEM!

(xFribbo) #82

Ryan Cleven (Lead Design Developer for Multiplayer) said last night on the developer stream, answering my question in fact that they want to implement the progression feature, but their system was entirely made from scratch, and by the time they were working on that feature, it ran up to launch and they had no time left.

Their initial plans were to use both progression and the card system. If they do this for Gears 5 I won’t mind the card system coming back, just hope it doesn’t dictate and cuts down the amount of characters we can unlock via progression.

Another question was asked which feature was the one he wished got implemented into the game and he brought progression up, saying how he regrets that it wasn’t put into the final game. And the challenges how to unlock Griffin, Classic Golden Gear, Diamond/Emerald Gear he also said how he wished they did challenges like this from launch.

This has increased my confidence and I do hope they get around to it in Gears 5. I’m sure we won’t be disapppointed.


I for one hate the pack system. I completely agree with what OP said, that it takes the feeling of accomplishment away from a cool reward. One of my favorite skins to go for, and return became my favorite skin in-game in Gears 3, was the Onyx skins for each weapon. 6000 kills with every loudout weapon was such a feat, and having an Onyx weapon skin to show for it felt great! Now, if there is a skin you like, you better hope you have crazy good RNG or enough credits/$ to buy enough packs.

I do not see these packs going away in 5. However, I do see TC implementing both, and with what Nodezero said on stream, that has me pumped. My only request when it comes to the pack system in 5, is don’t make base characters hidden away behind RNG. For example, Ben Carmine is my favorite COG character, I should be able to complete some in-game, non time gated task that allows me to unlock and play him in Versus. Packs should only consist of different variants of characters like Zombie, Black Steel, Etc. Everyone should have a fair shot at unlocking their favorite character without having to shed any amount of credits/$.

(J4CKA1) #84

That’s how they create demand. "oh everyone wants Griffin? " $15 for 1 skin. LOL!

(Sgt Fergus) #85

At the very least I hope they remove that stupid duplicate card feature. its so irritating when you got all those points, go to buy and then its a duplicate so you got to burn it. idc if they make the points less or the crates cost more but just anything to do away with duplicates. It felt so unrewarding.

(dr eggman19) #86

I think it’s more of the RNG system that’s the problem, but I do think adding characters that are unlock able is definitely the way forward.

(J4CKA1) #87

I still say that the system that Halo 5 has for it’s perm-unlock REQ cards is the way to go. Never know what you are going to get, but you know, for a 100% fact, that you will eventually get every card in the game.

I also think that skill cards should be upgraded by in-game actions and not by purchasing packs with credits or IRL currency.

(Stoic Slab) #88

Consider what $15 can get you in two instances:

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone expansion.

  • A 10-20 hour story.
  • New side quests.
  • New Characters and enemies.
  • Its actually $10, so you’ll have $5 left over.

Gears of War 4: Arron Griffin.

  • A skin.

(longshot582) #89

I cannot agree with this more J4CKA1. In halo 5 it was random but you KNEW that if you just kept playing and opening packs there would eventually be an end and you would have everything.

And the NO duplicate cosmetics was the best thing to ever happen to loot boxes. Get it once, you’ll never see it again. New content drops were exciting bc you KNEW you had enough points saved up to get it all and actually use it and focus on the game rather than thinking
“Okay, what’s the fastest way I can earn credits so I can try another random RNG pack” like we do with Gears 4.

(eviltedi) #90

If there’s rng in Gears 5 the game won’t be in this house. I stopped buying games with rng. That will continue, I will not buy games with rng loot systems. I cannot stand rng systems.

(eviltedi) #91

By making a quality game that we’ll happily pay for. They don’t need rng loot systems. Buy what you see cosmetics are as far as it should go, I don’t think they belong in a AAA full priced title either imo. However, if there has to be micros that’s my limit.

(Bleeding Pepper) #92

The AAA section of the games industry has become far too bloated. They need to look at different ways to make themselves financially sustainable without expecting the consumer to pay for these excesses through poor value microtransactions. It’s not sustainable.

I don’t think we will ever get a video game crash like in the 1980s, but I think the conditions are falling into place for a mini-crash primarily affecting AAA developers. This will be driven by sub-par games and poor consumer confidence.

(dr eggman19) #93

I know a lot of people were frustrated with the RNG with Gears 4, I guess only time will time with Gears 5.

(Lambent Lucky) #94

I dont mind packs as long as they are not RNG. You see what you get!

(Terrance Sander) #95

Am I the only one that still dreams of Gear customization? And I would actually be ok with the pack system , I just can’t stand pinky/fluo ultra BRIGHT skin. Problem is : everyone seems to use them! Are you guys players or a Christmas Tree?

(Bleeding Pepper) #96

Careful what you wish for! We don’t want TC thinking “No RNG? See what you get?” well we’ll sell everything to fans as direct purchases!

Ideally i think many fans would like custom skins to be acquirable through gameplay - so linked to achievements and progression.

The reason I’m a bit resistent to direct purchases is if TC decide that all extra custom skins will only be purchasable through direct real life money transactions, then this would add up to lots of money. I mean GOW4 has the largest roster of characters of all GOW games so we’re talking alot of money.

I think all standard skins should be free - rewards for challenges, achievements etc, and that money only direct purchases should be reserved for eSports exclusives.

(sp4zzy1) #97

Doubt they’re anywhere near bankruptcy with that Chinese investment of 330 Million

(UndeadDarkspawn) #98

What if they took the progression system and onyx metal challenges from Gears 3 and puts them in 5, it would make me pretty happy since those challenges in 3 kept on bringing me back to unlock certain weapon skins and characters.

(dr eggman19) #99

Gears 5 may have the pack system return but I just don’t see why when it had quite a negative reception.

(Duffman GB) #100

Why you say
Money plain and simple. Nearly everyone who moaned about it bought something. On this very site we have a few who have spent hundreds and even thousands of pounds/dollars.

I 'm at peace with its return as i think (hope) it will be done better. Especially bought packs, which should have no doubles for example.

(TimberWulf1772) #102

I agree because packs are useless we need to bring them back and unlock them like in Gears Of War 3