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Gears 5 Unlockable Characters and weapon skins, NO MORE PACK SYSTEM!

(III EnVii III) #61

I don’t think its arguable, it is stupid.

Gambling wouldn’t exist if people were the ones benefiting from it and a lot just lose money.

The value of anything can be determined by how much someone is willing to pay for it.

I don’t believe this because you need multiple people wanting something for there to be a value, and then its about who will pay the most.

So if only one person is interested in something and paid $100 - then that thing is worthless in reality because that person is the only one who saw any value to begin with.

Yeah, I get how Business and Economics works and again, something like this is pointless to me, spending thousands on a one time thing, sat somewhere listing to a band, no thanks…

(Bleeding Pepper) #62

Yeah and it’s still somewhat relevant to these packs. There may not be a bidding system for a single item so it’s not a direct competition against bidders, but in a way you can see how some players value certain skins by the amount of money they’re willing to spend to get it. Some players buy 5 packs, and then give up if they don’t get the skin they want cos that’s the limit for them. Others buy up to 10, or 13 or 25 or if their finances allow it they will keep going until they finally do get it.

(KERplunKIN) #64

Packs suck. One of the MAIN reasons I quit playing Gears.

(StaticRomance18) #65

Wouldnt mind seeing a mix of both, but unlockables should be at least realistically obtainable and the pack system needs an overhaul.


The Good: You know what you’re getting and how to obtain it

The Bad: The goals are set by TC and could see some fan favourites locked behind ridiculous tasks that most people couldn’t be bothered with trying to complete (who wants to solo inconceivable without dying while only using a pistol, anyone?)

Pack/Craft System:

What needs to change:
:black_small_square:Scrap the dual currency system and run with credits only.
:black_small_square:The whole currency situation needs an overhaul.
:black_small_square:The rng needs to be improved, 2 years later and there are still launch cards that have never dropped from every rarity pool.
:black_small_square:Feature packs should ONLY contain cards from said feature, getting a pack and having an epic or legendary pop and it’s the 5th+ duplicate of a launch card is not impressive (or at least increase the pack size to include base cards)
:black_small_square:Auto scrap any duplicate skins since there is no trade system and literally no point in adding duplicates to inventory
:black_small_square:Rng should favour heavily on the unobtained cards first with less chances in duplicates, especially in basic packs
:black_small_square:Real money to credit/scrap ratio is way too high, lower costs (a lot lower) would see more people buying them and the ones who drop a lot of money on them will still drop the money on them but walk away happier as they get more for their money
:black_small_square:MAKE ALL HORDE SKILLS CRAFTABLE and lower the cost
:black_small_square:Add on option to view sets which would make viewing which weapons you need in each one much easier and quicker to craft missing skins,

The Good: :black_small_square:
:black_small_square:Wide variety of cards to choose from.
:black_small_square:Can choose whether to try for them in packs or if you want a certain character or skin you can grab it outright without much waiting
:black_small_square:Special packs give you an exclusive window of use before becoming craftable, gives you the option whether to spend credits on the packs when they release or wait. Helps players who don’t have a lot of credits to focus on packs they really want when released and pick off others later

The Bad:
:black_small_square: Currency system as is needs an overhaul.
:black_small_square:Jump in price between each rarity is too high for what is earned from matches and scrapping cards
:black_small_square:Rng as is needs an overhaul, no reason after 2 years there are common or even rare cards that haven’t dropped
:black_small_square:Horde skills system as is needs an overhaul. :black_small_square:Pricing for cards is too high, makes it hard for players who don’t play religiously to get skills and skins
:black_small_square:skills can’t be bulk crafted,
:black_small_square:skills aren’t initially available without rng

(Bleeding Pepper) #66

I’d add that Horde skills and abilities shouldn’t be tied to the packs at all. It seems unfair that it’s tied to luck and random number generators.

What I would suggest is an RPG-style progression system for Horde skills. Tie the progression to the player’s overall level / re-up etc. You start with a small number of available skills and abilities. As you level up and hit certain level and re-up milestones you unlock more skills. Perhaps there’s even a skill tree so that each class has multiple branches representing different play styles (e.g.: the Soldier class’ rifle and grenade builds). Each time you level up you get Horde tokens which you can use to upgrade the Horde skills that you have unlocked. Some skills require more than one token, or perhaps the higher the level the skill is, the more tokens it takes to level up.


Ektope how the hell are they EVER going to go bankrupt when we already pay them our 60$ of admission and everything else that they sell elsewhere. In any case, I think WE are the ones that are going go bankrupt if they don’t stop with this bubu. That excuse you just used is flawed to the end and does not help their reason for LOOTBOXES/micro transactions in Gears in any way.

(WaiseWolke17700) #68

Would be great but I fear that they will return. There are just too many people buying that garbage. I think we will have to live with these ■■■■■■ systems now. All we can do is, just not buying them. If people would stop wasting money on skins and lootboxes with randomized content, publishers and developers would stop such practicts. Well, I just hope that it will not be like in Halo 5 and stick to cosmetics in Versus. I haven´t played enough Horde to give an educated guess there, but I have seen a lot of anger towards this system from Horde Players.

(Black Canid) #69

I haven’t been playing this game as much as I used to. The base game is alright but without actual unlocks, playing the game doesn’t feel as rewarding as it did in previous games.

(NE OMAHA) #70

I honestly think that Gears 4 would have been better if the packs were not in the game. The characters should have been earned throughout the achievement process or by doing hidden things within the game itself(easter Eggs). This would simplify the need to purchase everything you want. Everything would be in the game or added in a dlc easter egg. The Esports packs would still be purchasable but let the rest of the characters be earnable, even if its something like a 1000 kills with a certain weapon to earn that character or 500 executions with every weapon.

(Phaaze) #71

This is a rather ignorant statement.

People will tend to give something a shot if they are simply “given a chance” to win something, How do you think the lottery works? How do you think people end up having gambling addictions?

No one’s forcing them to spend that money, but they feed off of the chance to win something nice. That’s with anything concerning any level of gambling.

Maybe you have the mental willpower not to, and that’s fantastic; neither do I. But that statement was rather poor.

(III EnVii III) #72

It’s my view, no one forces you to get involved in gambling and your a fool if you think you will be a “winner”.

Don’t care what you think tbh though :+1:


Indeed sad how it has become a gamble. Recent example…i invested hours and credits earned…for idk…at least 40 officer packs…likely more…to try and get Lt. Fenix…and I got nothing. As an original player and HONEST fan…not being rewarded accordingly is disrespectful to the fans and supporters. I’ve said it time and time again…The Coalition culture has a dark side and this gamble is leading the way…

(xFribbo) #74

We definitely need to see some old features re-introduced, so much better back then and the packs have definitely stirred up a lot of hate since October 2016. TC have done a good job since then on making the game better and easier to obtain characters but it’s no excuse. Gears 5 I expect to be able to unlock characters as I level up, and if packs stay that’s how you buy their different variations.

I know there is others that will agree with me when I say that I waited months maybe even a year for a variation of Dom other than the Commando and Zombie, Gears 3 Dom is my favourite and the character model is already in the game, why the human version hasn’t been released yet confused me, but we get two reskins of the UIR without helmets.

I just hope we have a good variety of characters from the very start.

I also don’t mind if packs stay but only to unlock different armour and weapon camos, etc an example can be Black Steel.


This sort of loot system is starting to come under more heat lately. Some countries in Europe have already banned the practice. With any luck, something big will come down the pipe before G5’s release.

(Nitewalkar) #76

The pack system just takes skill and prestige out of your unlockables. You’re left with a piece of code that randomizes your chances of unlocking or getting a card. So you play to earn coins and stuff, then spend them for a random chance at getting something you don’t already have.

(J4CKA1) #77

I don’t mind RNG, as long as it takes into account the items you already have in your inventory. If I have all my engineer cards maxed out, don’t give me deposit bonus. Same applies for character skins; if I have Classic Marcus, why keep giving him to me?

The only way that I can see it being RNG, and fair at the same time, is doing it like Halo 5’s pack system.

(xFribbo) #78

I’d be extremely happy if they only kept packs for eSports content only, if base game characters are unlocked via levelling up/ challenges, Gears 5 would be amazing. But it’s too early to assume and judge right now.

(J4CKA1) #79

I like the packs, but I don’t like the ability to get duplicates or the scrap system.

(Heisenberg 202) #80

Big thumbs up. Time for Microsoft to step up, no loot packs or any of that RNG garbage. Give us a great, whole game and we will keep the game going for years, just like we did with Gears 3. Unlock everything through challenges and by simply PLAYING the GAME.

(MrXboxlivenoob) #81

A lot of people would agree and disagree. Me personally, I don’t know and we’ll see what they will do like if they will put in packs again or not.