Gears 5 Unlockable Characters and weapon skins, NO MORE PACK SYSTEM!

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I agree but in saying that I don’t really care about the packs. I know that gears 4 is the first in the series to feature the pack system but honestly I don’t care at all because I’m not spending any real money on them and I’m not giving tc anymore of my money unless it was for dlc that I really wanted and/or the season pass like I did for gears 4. There’s a lot they need to do for gears 5 to make it better than number 4 which really wasn’t that great to begin with.

I hope they take everything into consideration and do the right thing and make gears 5 good. I know that gears 4 is tc’s first entry in the series but again I hope they will improve.

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i like gears of war 4 but i think it is more fair to get the skins like in gears3

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where is dom what happen to anya why there a red storm in gears where r the locus show more of campaign story make more levels tells me what I need to know and don’t tell me dom die in that drive by I want body showed everybody else being dying but his no more grinding on mp all keep going threw the the same maps make expansions story campaign people will buy that I would

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They need to make classic characters unlockable like in 3, and bring back medals for milestones. I’m fine if they want to put variants of characters on the store. Just please no RNG, and don’t make each character 18 bucks. If the lambant drone was half that price I would have bought it. I just got the imulsion weapon skins cause I felt like 10 bucks was ok for 14 skins.

I’m fine with MT if they are priced fairly and are direct purchases without the RNG ripping us off. Same with Esports packs, ditch the RNG and let me buy specific ones I want. If you wanna charge a bit more for Black Steel to support Esports then fine. Just don’t go crazy, cause you’ll get more money in the long run if I feel like they’re priced fairly. If they aren’t, you won’t get any where near as much funding from me.

(Lambent Lucky) #46

Just no scrap and no duplicates!

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As for the system we got currently… Since we end up with sooo many duplicates… I feel like an update should have already been applied that allows for trading of cards amongst friends… If the same system is in gears 5 then I see no excuse to not be able to trade from launch… I concur tho, any packs system that doesn’t guarantee u what u wanna pay for and also gives out duplicates (especially as much as this one does on the reg) is just unacceptable

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Then TC would lose money and that will be consider gambling for people trading black steel characters.

(WalkenDeadPool) #49

How is trading gambling? And how are u not gambling already the way it is when u buy a esports supporter pack?

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the pack is right,normal, they have to win money,they make a great job with Gears,when you see what they do some other ,and they make nothing for comunity…is a joke,then i am very happy they are here.they have all credit for this,pack is good.more succes with more unlockable,hard,is good too,gear philosophy…you have to be able to bear,to work…

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This was a huge misstep for the gears series and was almost downright game breaking from a fan perspective. I understand to make a profit as that is the goal of any business but pricing and content need a total re-haul from gears of war 4.

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Easier said than done?

What, TC got a gun to your head?

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Nothing to do with having a gun to your head. There’s plenty of research into gambling and there’s real science to how it works and the addictiveness of it.

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I can’t believe anyone would ever get addicted to buying packs in Gears 4.

Outside of that sure, but when the game doesn’t even work properly, how anyone can care about worthless skins in packs is something I can’t comprehend.


R N G!!!
I hate dupes

(Bleeding Pepper) #57

It’s different to traditional forms of gambling for sure, but it works on the same functional level and the psychology behind it applies in many of the same ways. The key difference is that these micro transaction packs combine a retail product to the mix so retail therapy is also relevant. Both can instigate a rush through dopamines.

Ultimately you have a reward that is desirable to the target consumer base. The value of the reward is subjective and I guess. The key things are that it’s RNG - random and no guarantees of getting what you want; and money is needed to have a chance of winning.

The draw and appeal to gambling exists on a spectrum, or at least on a 0-10 point scale. You have those who are not tempted and on the other end those who lack control and are addicted (at least until the finite cards are acquired anyway). The majority are in between - people who may be tempted to buy a few but control the urge to buy more, to those who momentarily lose control and splurge a large sum. I don’t see it as one extreme to another.

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When it comes to meaningless things like packs in a game, I see it as stupidity rather than ‘adiction’.

Like, what you get actually has no affect on the game whatsoever.

The ‘prize’ isn’t even that.

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The value of these things are all relative though, and it’s arguable that gambling is stupid. But some people do it recreationally and don’t become addicted, or lose control. The key thing is the appeal it has to some people.

To the general population any of these skins would be worthless, but to a Gears fan they have some value and appeal. The value of anything can be determined by how much someone is willing to pay for it. Most products have a fairly standardised market value so a bottle of milk would always cost around a particular standard price, but beyond that people can still value something for more (or less) depending on lots of factors.

If you look at say, the secondary ticket market you have tickets for major sporting and music events being sold for many times the face value price. If the Rolling Stones played an intimate gig in a small 1000 capacity venue, there will be people who would be willing to spend tends of thousands on tickets because they are Stones fans, it’s a small venue, and there is a very small finite number of tickets available. I personally wouldn’t, but that’s cos I’m not a Stones fan.


It’s called discipline. Some people have it. Others don’t. Either way these packs make Microsoft/TC too much money so no one should expect them to quit this practice any time soon.