Gears 5 Unlockable Characters and weapon skins, NO MORE PACK SYSTEM!

(DctRxDooM) #21

RNG packs will be outlawed soon enough, its gambling plain and simple.
Though I bet skins for cash is here to stay

(Sin Ogaris) #22

Won’t anyone think of the poor struggling multi billion dollar company!

(lukebazz91) #23

Thats a compromise i will most likely have to put up with.

(spearian) #24

I bet Gears 5 will have some characters/skins available via unlock progression and the majority will be through some form of loot crate. One thing for sure is there will be RNG boxes for the characters and skins. Why charge people £7-£10 for a skin when you can have the customer willingly pay £50+ for the skin. It’s a no brainer from a company point of view

(Ektope) #25

Except that’ll never happen. :slight_smile:

(And We Back) #26

They made it 4 games w/o hopping on the pack system at this point I’m sure they’d be fine

(Ektope) #27

Yep, exactly my point.
But some people just want nearly all the unlockables to be achievable in-game through progression unlocks.
That way, TC could only make money from shares of eSports Packs and from those who buy the Gears 5 game in general, maybe the Season Pass too.
I’m just saying it’s okay to put up Character/Weapon Skins at guaranteed purchase at a price, then RNG random chances.

(O Jufs O) #28

I Absolutely agree

(OnyxPride34) #29

Played Gears my whole life my favorite gaming franchise for sure and I totally agree no more pack system make it like Gears of war 3

(bubbybearG) #30

Ye…NO… the pack system is fine your just so F’n mad that you dont get good stuff

(HayMaker304) #31

So how do you get good at being lucky?

(lnSaNe ShoTZz) #32

people who like the RNG system are CRAZY! i never expected a gears of war game to be as bad as the 4th one and i kid you not i refuse to spend REAL money on characters and skins! if they made everything unlockable EVEN executions their player base WOULDNT SUFFER AS MUCH.

i dont play gears 4 to gamble on stuff… i grinded out multiplayer for characters and even exectuions on gears 3.

the scorchers execution is SICK!! BRING IT BACK!

(crazychainsaws8) #33

So how much characters do you havethen?

(xFribbo) #34

I’d to see unlockables mainly in Gears 5 but Gear packs to unlock the different variants, but from the start, so once you unlock Marcus you then will be able to open packs to get his other variants from previous game titles. Or progression like what we saw in Gears 3, and if you get a certain medal unlock characters such as Classic Marcus and Classic Dom.

(Link23809) #35

The packs are fine as long as TC offers an alternative for those who want to unlock the rewards through challenges, like in the older Gears games.

As for RNG, I would love for that to disappear too, but as others have said, as long as people are spending real money, I doubt they will remove it.

(Amaaan asif88) #36

I’m OK with gear packs but needs improvements no RNG

(bubbybearG) #37

and you could just keep all the stuff you get so its lower that you get it again

(bubbybearG) #38



Lol the pack system is here to stay, how else will TC fund these million dollar eSports events…

Seriously though, I’m sure TC makes a boat load of money from the packs and I don’t see them going away. It sucks for us, but if people keep buying them they won’t go away.

(KrisXross) #40

Unlocks via Challenges is different from leveling up though. It sorta takes away the grind of the game. Not everyone has time for challenges, nor do they have time to grind to get credits or want to pay for RNG. But if they stuck to have 2-3 were where you level up for characters whilst keeping RNG in the game it would be so much better.

Only comparison is how call of duty has buyables but you can also grind for everything. I’d rather do challenges for emblems rather than characters.