Gears 5 ultimate, says i'm too early (Windows 10)

As mentioned in the title I can’t even launch gears 5 as it says i’m too early. I have a game pass subscription and have the game installed.

UK based on windows 10 (pc)

Game Pass Ultimate gets to play from 5th and onwards.

Game Pass just has Standard Edition and starts from 10th.

Same situation for me since the 5th.

I can’t even leave a review, let alone play the game.

I’m getting the same issue. I reinstalled the game 3 times now which took forever. I updated all of my drivers and updated Windows, and I just finished downloading for the third time and it still won’t let me hit the play button and it keeps saying “We know you really want to get started, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Check the store for the launch date.” even though I bought the Xbox ultimate edition game pass. If anyone finds the solution please let me know as I would like my money not be be a waste.