Gears 5 Ultimate Pre Order

So I pre ordered the standard edition but can I still pre order the Ultimate edition through gamepass?

Yes… You can still get it through game pass ultimate… I think the promotional price for it is $2.00 now though… :wink: But it still upgrades all of your existing time for Xbox gold… So if you have 3 years of Gold left, you would get 3 years of Ultimate Pass for $2.00


Wait what? It adds game pass ultimate to all time left that you have Xbox live gold? Why would it work like that?

Don’t know… But ever since E3 and the announcement of Game Pass Ultimate it’s been like that… I have 3 years of it lol…

To encourage people to buy it. It’s the major selling point and worth it, instead of monthly payments.

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I would also think it’s kind of like getting you hooked… Give you some free samples for a bit, then after a while you’ll get use to having it and won’t mind paying for it…

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