Gears 5 two part separated campaign theory

This is just a guess on my part but here’s a campaign theory I’ve been thinking of:

We a have seen where Kait and Del separate from JD and Marcus to head north. My theory is that we could be bouncing back and forth between the two squads throughout the game. Not such an original theory you say? It’s not I agree but the new part I was thinking is this.

The Kait and Del portion will be a horror type scary portion of the campaign like Gears 1 and 4. The JD and Marcus portion will be more like the all out war type campaign like Gears 2. This could capture the best parts of both types of campaign IMO.

What are your thoughts?


100% agree with this, now that the squad has seemed to have separated from each other, it is definitely more likely to happen and realistic.

It will have the Gears 3 story vib, like how it bounces between the two different halves Delta.

Plus how could you make a Gears of War game and Marcus only appear temporarily.

And why would they develop 3 characters in 4 just to focus on Kait and Del?

Definitely with you on this theory Donnie.


Well, you are already aware of my thoughts on campaigns lol!

But yeah, I think that’s an interesting theory. And I think it would be a smart move by TC.

We shall see later this year!

I think this is the likely scenario, Tc taking a licture out of Halo 2 book (i know its probably done way before) but with a Gears twist.

Campaign definitely needs to be done in a new perspective/format.

I suspected that Kait and Del’s section would be exploring and finding out what happened, with the horror elements at New Hope Facility.

And Marcus, JD and others’ section may be defending at New Ephyra.

The problem with this, is that it’s a bit too predictable. I would prefer to be wrong and taken by surprise really. But I’m sure it’ll be interesting.


Im sure TC has some surprises up their sleeves for us. I do like the feeling of being in a large scale war like Gears 2 but also really enjoy the horror esque closed dark corridors face to face with a monster that can kill you. If I’m right or you are, we could have both but I’m positive TC will blow our minds too.


I’m also expecting both groups to somehow make contact with each other and re-group together around halfway through the Campaign.

Like in Gears 3, Act 1 was split to show what happened on the ship while the other group were scavenging for supplies near Stranded in Hanover. Then they re-grouped together in Act 2 against the Savage Locust.

For Gears 5 Campaign, I would expect something similar where the whole group join together to fight one big boss battle or something. Or they may re-group together in the last Act 5. Maybe by the Skiff travelling to New Ephyra, or they get air travel in some kind of Swarm aircraft or flying creature like the Reaver from Gears 2. Or they may get a lift in a King Raven helicopter.

But like I said, I would prefer the Campaign didn’t go the way I expect it to. Because I may be like, “I knew this would happen.”


Same, it looks like it’s got loads of surprises in store for us already, I just hope the unanswered question from Gears 4 get answered.

What happened at settlement 2?

Where did everyone go? (Clayton,Dizzy, etc)

One I was thinking of adding was the locust pendant but remembered the scene where Marcus sees it in the Gears 5 trailer.

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I literally said the same exact thing a few months ago. But, I added Delta Squad could be part of the game as well. Although I believe they should make 7-8 chapters instead to have them all fit into the story. Example, JD, Del, Kait and Marcus start Ch 1. Ch 2 branches off with Del and Kait. Ch 3 brings JD and Marcus. Perhaps Ch 4-5 focus on Kait and Del. Ch 6 with Marcus JD and bring in delta and they meet up in Ch 7 and finish in Ch 8. Would be great to have a longer Campaign this time around.


I adore the campaigns so I’m hoping for something longer this time myself. In fact, when I finished the Gears 4 campaign a couple days after launch my first tweet was to Rod saying, “That was excellent! Hope there will be campaign DLC.”

Sadly I didnt get my wish. :pensive:

Would’ve been great to get DLC for it. I bet they will add it for Gears 5 though.


Let’s hope!

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I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s gonna be an hour long section of playing as JD (like the one with Cole in Gears 3), since I’m expecting to get a flashback regarding Anya’s death in Gears 5 and I don’t think you can do such a flashback if you’re not playing as JD,

When it comes to the whole game, I think we’re gonna spend like 80-90% of the it playing as Kait. My guess is that the first cutscene of the E3 trailer takes place at the end of Act 1, then acts 2-3 or 2-4 will cover the journey to New Hope/Mt. Kadar and acts 4-5 or just 5 will take place during the Swarm assault on New Ephyra, where the whole squad will reunite.

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My first assumption was that the campaign would not strictly be Kait’s journey but that it would go between Kait/Del/Jax and the JD/Marcus/new guys crew.

Another thought that recently came to me was that there may be flashback elements. Segments where we are put into Gears lore, playing out events of the past.

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Very possible! This would allow us to not only play as Delta Squad but maybe even further back and Adam or elaine Fenix


I’d love that to happen, but would love a spin-off game of Gears, covering the pendulum wars, portraying the events through a game as we get to know some of the lore characters and characters we know better.

I’ve considered this as well but would Gears really have the same flavor if it was human vs human? The opening scene of Gears 4 was fun and happened during the pendulum wars and to make it feel right the UIR are faceless armour suits so that they still feel like monsters.

I think that’s part of the reason Judgments PvP wasnt so great. I think a lot of us were like, “Where are the damn Locust?” Lol

That’s a fair point, maybe if not full game then some story DLC in the future.

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I think that would work for sure and I’d love to see it. Always a fan of story based DLC!

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Me too! Let’s hope TC go down the similar route as Gears 3, I don’t care what anyone says, it was the overall perfect Gears game. If some aspects are replicated, Gears 5 could potentially be one of the best in the series.

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