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I’m liking the new update for gears 5. In terms of ranked, where a lot of my personal issues with the game were, it’s looking alot better. Good games boost my ranking bad games drop ranking. How do you guys/gals feel about it, and what do you foresee in the future for gears 5? I’d personally like to see some old faces return as playable multiplayer characters. Such as Clayton Carmine, Baird, or The Cole Train baby Wooo!

Can’t tell if serious or trolling…


For real…

I’ll give my opinions though

It’s garbage.

-My framerate is holding steady 144+FPS yet the game feels as sluggish as Gears 2.
-Delays are increased as is the input delay of when I press a button to when it shows.
-When I kill an enemy with a 19ms ping the delay between the shot hitting the enemy and the explosion is as if I am on a 300ms ping.
-Sponging is at an all time high. Threw 2 grenades from the bridge on Exhibit onto 5 enemies in a circle and got no kills. In the same match, hit those enemies with 3 drop shots (not all grouped though) and no kills. They got the dropshot and killed me without even being close.
-Everyone is meleeing and due to the hit registration issues theres no way to counter it.
-Hip Fire Gnasher shots drop to my feet (friends also experiencing this). I am getting no hit markers on the majority of my hip fires so I have to hard aim. It’s like that Gears 2 glitch all over again.

Not sure how much of this was due to TU2 or just horrible server performance but it’s bad. As is the ranking system which I am aware it’s the old one still. Lost over 4000 points in 3 matches. We won all of them and were more than 9000 skill points lower every match.

I’d say it’ll get better but at this point I have no faith. The game feels worse today than it did last weekend.


This pretty much sums it up, some good feedback!



About to hit omnia in Vegas in a couple hours and my wife tripping that I’m looking at forum’s Blue. Hell go back to console untill they fix that Shitz for PC


I would rather give up playing this trash than go back to an Xbox.

Gears is really the only game keeping me from giving up gaming all together. I do enjoy Halo and Forza but they won’t sell a machine to me. This may be my final PC build and I’m just gonna move on in life if the series continues to sink hard.


Man bro. No matter how trashy Gears is you’ll always swing by for a visit.

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Swing by? Sure

But when my whole party of 5 is having issues and we even considered quitting mid-match there’s an issue. We didn’t quit but the point is we NEVER quit out yet we considered it. The games just that much of a trash pile.


To move onto another subject. While driving out here I seen a Black Acura like yours told my wife Blue has a dope one like that. Shitz looks sweeter up close bro. I Shouldn’t of got a Ford

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I wrote a long time ago that the ping display is a fake or not show the true Ping,and I do not think that the 60hz Servers tickrate exists.
That’s the only way I can explain the bad lobby’s.

Fix the main menu like my selected character showing and the game options when selecting randomly moving up and down. Otherwise love the game

Just tried again and it ran fine for a minute then became really sluggish again. Every enemy team is sponging everything and they’re melee warriors so there’s no counter.

This game is trash. No other way to say it. Just complete utter trash. This is Gears 2 bad. Like it’s horrendous.


I played a bit of ranked last night and something definitely changed with the ranking system. I gained 3500 points in one match of Exe lol… and I went up every game of KOTH, despite losing miserably, since I performed well. My friend demoted in the games he played with me, which were deserved IMO. From my 10 games or so, the ranking system seems to be accurate like it used to be.

Also, they fixed a bug where you could shoot through walls if your barrel was in the wall but your crosshair was outside of it. It feels unintuitive when you first notice it, but it’s definitely more fair since shooting through walls is generally unfair for the guy getting shot.

You should have tried it tonight.

MVP victories equaled major point losses and the hit detection was awful. Movements were sluggish in full matches but improved dramatically once a player left. Sadly, the game became bad once that player came back.

Side note, my buddy said last night the ranking worked fine and the game played smoothly. Tonight was the total opposite he said.

I know how to play, lol. It’s legit not registering properly and the whole game feels like it’s in slow motion. It’s not just me either - my friends, at least on PC, are having the same issue. I’ve never had this issue until after TU2.

Yeah game feels really good now. Once they reset the ranks then nerf the melee, the game will be in a great place overall.

I played last night for the first time since before the tu2 and I played ■■■■■■■ awesome like before and went from silver 2 to masters. Idk whatd happening to you I’m not there but I’ve noticed a big change from the previous ranked. I went 31-and 11 one game got MVP and had 22 ribbons and lost over a 1000 points before the tu2 now I’m having solid 2.0 kd games with 3,000 points or more on guardian and I’m rising in rank no problem got to 20,000 just this morning.

Worst update I’ve ever seen in my life. It feels slow, heavy and often there is a lag input (I press A to get cover and my character does nothing, same thing when I try to shoot). Furthermore, everyone sponges far more than before, and I’m not the only one who is saying this. I don’t know what to say, this company is disappointing me.


Totally serious man, I mean sure there are still bugs to work out but my main issue was the ranked servers and to me it’s fixed I’m rising in rank when I do good and dropping if I do bad seems reasonable to me lol.

Xbox or PC?

It’s my PC friends that are having performance issues. The rank would be universal but we all know the ranking system is broken. I moved up last weekend but doing just as well this weekend I lost major points. It’s a joke.