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Looks like the trello-board got updated yesterday.

Decon-rooms taking ages still isn’t on the list. Does TC not care about PvE anymore at all? I would love to understand the process of what makes it on the list and what doesn’t. The Carmine-medal not tracking on lower difficulties seems pretty insignificant compared to this issue. Especially considering that this has been an issue for around 3 months by now.

To this day the only time (from my limited knowledge ) a TC-employee responded to the issue can be found below.


This was an intentional change, I’m sure of it. Its been several months now and the issue hasn’t been all that acknowledged in the slightest.

Then why did they never come forward and say “yeah, we don’t value your time. f you!”? And why do times vary so much between Hives? Last stand is maybe 10 seconds + while Barracks gives you enough time to get up and get some coffee. Also, small detail but the little camera-change with certain emotes doesn’t work while you’re waiting. At least not until the shower-closing sound plays a 2nd time.

I feel like T.C. needs more experienced hands on deck. Or just more hands in general.

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I might have mentioned them to you @HerrKatzchen, but I had two theories why the decon times are so long now.

  1. The second monologue by the character who talks to the Raven pilot in the safe room would always get cut off. It was most noticeable with Mac’s long monologue about nightmarish monsters.

  2. Pre-OP5, a Marcus/Veteran player with Level 6 Rifle Feedback could keep his ult going to start Act 2 if the person did a lot of damage in Act 1.

But neither of these theories seems like a remotely good reason that the safe room times became so long now.

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Fun fact, player made hives appear to remain largely unaffected by this issue. I played several of them like, two or three days ago and they didn’t take long at all to load out of the saferoom.

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probably gonna get ignored again, but whatever.

If they slightly increased the duration by maybe 10-15 seconds I wouldn’t mind but some Hives take almost 2 minutes to progress. By that point any ult would have run out and Marcus’ ult isn’t really an issue anymore.

Decon room times are probably the result of the tune up gears got for loading times for series X…S

But the same issue exists on both SeX and SeS?

I play on the older console but my friend plays on series X and they load in to the pods far quicker than me, not sure if its faster than pc.

I do notice tho that just before the doors open its like the 1st set of doors trigger again as u can hear a door open or close… More noticable when the stim is shown on screen.

I think its loading the rest of the hive while in there.

But even with PC players/ SeX only in the decon-room, it still takes the same amount of time as it would on the og xbone.

Hey everyone, the saferoom load times are a known bug, and we are trying to track down the cause. We are aware that it’s an important issue for Escape players.


Finally! Thats all I wanted and probably what everyone else wanted … well … this and a fix lol but at least it known and thats a start. Thanks for the update.


Thanks for the heads up, glad they finally came to reason and hired some bots for quickplay.

The Trello has been updated, and the reminder that not every bug being investigated will always be on the Trello.


Shiny, and with an URGENT tag to boot! Thanks Sera!

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