Gears 5 trash talk

Why are Mexicans say “buenas noches” now in versus? Soy Mexicano but idk where the this phrase came from. People have been saying it before the game starts. Usually I would type “facil” or “Ezzz” to destroy their morality but haven’t used the other one yet.

Ask them? If I remember right, it means “good night”.

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It does.

I know what it means. Im Mexican. I just dont understand the concept of them saying it.

Maybe it’s just a greeting? It’s probably nighttime where they are… Doesn’t necessarily have to be Mexicans, I’ve seen Brazilians & Venezuelans playing also.

Nah. They do it before the match starts.

The way I perceived it. Like “Good night” “Game over” I take it as there calling GG before game even starts. S*** like that pumps me up.
Even after round one if my team loses and someone on opposite calls “GG” “buenas noches” can’t wait for them to lose because I rub that S*** in.

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Lol. It just opens the gates of hell though.

It makes more sense than “ezz”. I mean, that’s not a word in any recognised language. :stuck_out_tongue:


If I ever type, I type “Watcha” that seems to do the trick, they know you’re cooking with Gas at this juncture.

I think the word Ez is regularly used in very popular games like LoL to a point that Riot started to automatically ban people who said “GGez” at the end of a match due to being “toxic” haha. Probably came from there or other similar games. Some people just gonna BM in any game including gears :joy:

Really? I assumed it just mean “easy” but it was easier & quicker to type. Sometimes I see people on the losing team saying it tho, & that makes me a little confused.

It’s just a greeting

I got hit with a ‘buenos dias’ in the middle of a round yesterday.

Probably as in a “you’re dead, I win. Sleep well” kind of way.

Lol damn. Thats brutal

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I think you are overthinking it tbh and I’m surprised you are mexican and are already asuming is toxic.

Yes, “buenas noches” can either mean “good night” or “good evening” and is most likely the latter tbh.

And I’m Venezuelan btw.

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